Keeping the Bugs Away with Bug Repellent

Do you have a happy spot?  Somewhere that you go to work that brings you joy?  I do.  For me, it’s my garden.  I just adore working in there.  Knowing that the effort that I put into it yields goodies that my whole family can enjoy makes all the hard work worth while.  I just recently started working in their again for the upcoming season, and it has reminded me anew of the peace that washes over me as I get my hands dirty doing something good.  There is one thing that has been driving me crazy while working though, and that’s those darn mosquitoes.


I hate mosquitoes.  Those blood thirsty flying insects just annoy me to no end.  When I’m trying to till the garden box and I have to keep stopping to shoo away the bugs, it makes the process take twice as long.  I wish that they would all just go away!  I have a pest control company that does a great job keeping the bugs out of the house, but flying things outside are a whole different ballpark where I still have to do my part.



That’s when I remembered Greenerways Organics Bug Spray.  They sent me this product to review, and I set it aside, waiting for the bugs to make their yearly appearance.  Well, here the mosquitoes were in full force.  I headed inside and got the spray, excited and curious to see if it would work.


I kid you not when I say it was a night and day difference.  Had I not have just been outside working, annoyed beyond belief by the mosquitoes, I would have told you that the bugs weren’t out yet.  Not once did I have to stop to shoo away another bug.  I assumed that it would decrease the bites, but I am thrilled to say that it completely stopped them!


Bug Repellant is 100% organic and DEET-free!  That means it’s completely safe for all of your family, including the little ones.  This spray has now found it’s way to my gardening bucket, and will be used anytime I’m heading outside!

Where’s your happy spot?


Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received a sample for review purposes.  The post contains my 100% honest opinion based on my experience.

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