A Mom AND A Business? How Do You Have The Time?

Running a business is hard enough to do on its own, but when you throw kids and a mommy life into the mix as well, the task on your plate can seem almost impossible! Almost… 

Because you know what you’re doing, and you know where you want to go, and you know how to prioritize the most important things in your life. And when you’re not with your little ones, you’re with your business, and you get just as much enjoyment out of both. You live and breathe what you’ve got in your life, and you know you’re always doing your best – it’s the dream! 

So, if you’re a mom, and you want to know how to better balance work and life, without needing to juggle here and there, make sure you take stock of the points below. 

Because You Create Some Document Templates for Future Use

One of the best ways to save yourself time and energy in the future is to set up a working foundation right now. If the kids are at school or in bed at the moment, use the spare few hours you have to yourself to ensure you can bang out all kinds of business documents or online posts whenever you’ll need them later on. How do you do that? You set up some templates.

They’re professional, they’re useful, and you can change them as and when you need to. You might want to visit a site like templafy.com to check out the kind of software that would make templates easy to set up and share, as well as store in an accessible and easy format. You’re a mom, you don’t have time to delve into the hard drive in search of an incompatible format you’ll need ANOTHER application to even try to open! 

Because Your Office is Accessible 

Your office is right where you are: at home! It’s where you need to be most of the time, and it’s where you and your family are comfortable for you to be. That’s very important if you’re trying to save time or work on your time management – in short, if you don’t have an office at home, it’s time to clear a space for one. 

Because You Keep Business Hours Short and Sweet

And because you’re a very busy family woman, you’ll need to keep business hours short and to the point. The above two tips can help a lot with this, but you’ll need to have some hardy discipline over yourself too, if you really want your lifestyle to work. 

You’ve heard of the 9 to 5, but have you ever heard of the 5 to 9? As a mom, that’s what you need to be working! 4 hours in the evening, before bed, to make sure your home business has a dedicated slot in your day. 

Are you a business mommy? Use these points for inspiration, or take them to heart; just make sure they’re beneficial to you!