The Busy Moms Simplified Guide To Building A ‘Dream’ Body

Most people make out that building a ‘dream’ body is some miraculous task that only the most blessed people in the world can do. This is false. Absolutely anybody can build their dream body with the right knowledge, however, people all over the internet like to complicate things a bit too much.


What time should you be eating your meals exactly? How many should you be having? Is eating more than 20 grams of protein in one sitting simply wasting it? There are so many questions and arguments out there. Fear not busy moms. These pointers will help you to build your dream body in no time:



Know Your Actual Goals

First thing’s first: know your actual goals. Saying you want a better body isn’t really a goal, so you need to pick. If you’re already slim but you want some sexy definition, then muscle building is your goal. If you have a little fat to lose then fat loss (note: not weight loss) is your primary goal. It’s advisable you stick to your goals for a few months before you chop and change. Changing things up too much could mess with your metabolism and your mindset!


Obviously you can only lose fat for as much fat as you have to lose, but you can also aim to maintain what you have when you’ve accomplished this goal. If muscle building, then it’s a good idea to stick with it for 3 months before moving onto maintenance or fat loss.


Track What You Eat Consistently

Reaching your goals doesn’t boil down to how you exercise; it boils down to how you eat. Yes, you should exercise for a plethora of reasons, but it’s crucial you know that you can’t out-train a bad diet. So, with your new goal in mind, come up with your new eating plan.


First step: download MyFitnessPal. Next step, input everything you eat into the app for a few days. You might think this is time consuming, but it only takes a few more minutes out of your day. You can usually quickly scan items. You can then take a look at your diet and figure out what can be improved. For example, do you eat a ton of carbs and barely any protein? Could you eat less sugar? Aim to make these changes with your diet first. When you feel more confident, you can move on to ‘macro tracking’. It seems complicated at first, but it’s just a more effective way of ensuring you get a balanced diet that will help you to get results. Bear in mind that for muscle building you need to be in a surplus, and fat loss you need to be in a deficit.


Alongside your diet you can take vitamins and supplements to help, but you need to be sure they are safe. Read reviews on things like Tribulus Terrestris and garcinia cambogia before splashing out your money. You may want to consult a doctor first too.


Train Consistently

Resistance training is important, as it can help you to build and maintain muscle tone, which will stop you from looking ‘skinny fat’. Whether you can train 3 or 5 times a week doesn’t matter. Just do what you enjoy and be consistent!


Keep A Positive Mindset

Finally, your mindset is everything. Those who achieved a dream body didn’t let negative thoughts and doubts get in the way!


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