Things to Remember When Buying an Epilator

Getting rid of unwanted hair is no longer a big deal. With epilators establishing their presence and worth in the beauty world, removing hair has become an easy thing. However, selecting the best epilator for the task still requires some effort.


As the market is full of various models of epilators, you can easily get confused while making your selection. But don’t worry. You can easily overcome this hurdle if you know how to go about selecting the wonder device. Here, we reveal to you about the things you need to pay attention to when buying an epilator.



Go for a dry or wet device?

While epilators work fine on dry skin, there are many models that you can use in the bath or shower as well. Although wet models are often in a higher price bracket than their dry equivalents, they come with their advantages as well. Since the pores open up when the skin is wet, the process of hair removal becomes easy and less painful with a wet epilator. Keep this point in mind when you go looking for the best epilator 2018.


Want a corded or a cordless unit?

Some epilators are designed as corded models while others are cordless or battery-operated models. You can use the corded models on dry skin. But it can be quite dangerous to use such models on wet skin or inside a shower or bath.


Cordless units are fine for use in the bath or shower. So, if you plan to use the epilator on your wet skin, make sure to choose a battery-operated model. Generally, cordless epilators last for about 5 to 6 years if handled properly. The life of a corded unit can be even longer, depending on how you clean the epilator and maintain it.


Areas of use and attachments

You can find many epilators models with various head attachments meant for use in different areas of your body. Then there are some epilators that come with no special attachments but you can buy extra attachments to use with them. Based on how you would like to use the epilator, you will have to select a model.


For instance, if you want to use the device to only epilate your legs, a simple model will work fine for you. But in case you would like to use the epilator for your underarms or facial hair, you will have to get one with proper attachments.


Tweezers: more or less?

When it comes to functioning, epilators work in a similar manner as your manual tweezers. The difference is that they can pluck out multiple hairs at one go. Epilators are equipped with rotating tweezers that pluck out hairs from the roots. As such, when an epilator has more tweezers, it can pull out more hair and ensure a faster result.


However, you will have to endure more pain with an epilator having more tweezers. Also, such models are more expensive than the ones with less number of tweezers. So, remember these points when you make your selection.


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