Bye-Bye Bugs! 4 Ways To Stop Pests Entering Your Home!

Unless you are a dedicated entomologist, having your home overrun with bugs is not the ideal setup. But how can you stop your property from becoming a beacon for creepy-crawlies? Read on to find out. 

Use screens on your doors and windows

Being stuck inside a hot and stuffing home is no fun in the height of summer! However, sometimes it can feel as if that is the only way to keep the bugs out! The good news is there is a solution that will allow you and your family to keep cool, and make sure you are not overrun with crawling, flying unwanted guests. 

It is to use mesh screens on your doors and windows. Indeed, you can have them permanently installed, so using them becomes second nature. Although, do be sure to watch out and repair any tears or rips, no matter how small. Otherwise, unwanted guests may start to find their way in again. 

Block up any cracks in the outside structure of your home 

If you think of the outside structure of your home as like a shell, protecting you from unwanted invaders, it makes sense that any gaps in this perimeter can quickly become a problem. With that in mind, it is vital that you first do a tour of the outside structure of your home and identify any areas where bugs may be gaining entry such as air or dryer vents, cracks in the wall, and the like. 

Then take the time to block these in the most effective way possible. Usually, this means using a product that expands to perfectly fill the space such as spray foam

Bug-proof your crawl space 

The crawl space under most homes is a dark, wet wonderland for all sorts of bugs from spiders, to mites and beetles. All of which will be only too happy to pop upstairs and invade your living area if they get even a whiff of something tasty.

Happily, there is a solution here and it’s to bug-proof your crawl space by sealing it up. Of course, this can be a big, and sometimes tricky job to attempt on your own. Luckily, there are many Crawlspace Sealing Companies specialize in doing this professionally. Something that means you can reap the benefits of a sealed space under your home, without having to complete the back-breaking work yourself. 

The bonus here is that by sealing up your crawl space you also make it much harder for other pests such as mice, birds, and raccoons to gain access to your home. Not to mention making it much more economical to heat. 

Manage your garbage properly

Garbage is like a buffet for bugs, and that means it must be managed properly if you are to keep pests from your home. What this means is regularly taking out the bins if they are full or begin to smell. Also, be sure to properly rinse your recycling as any leftover food can seem like a tasty treat to a bug!  

Another important aspect of proper garbage management is washing out the inside of your garbage bins, both the ones that you keep out of doors and inside. Bleach or disinfectant is the best choice here, as they will not only kill bacteria but prevent odors from attracting bugs as well.