Who To Call When You Find Yourself Heading To Court

This is never a situation that you want to find yourself in. However – it could happen. And if it ever did, you need to know who you need to contact. You might be being accused of something, or you might be accusing someone else. Maybe you’ve hit financial troubles an have missed a few payments – however it’s happening and regardless of which side you stand on, you need to know who to call. If you’re being accused then you only really need to call an appropriate lawyer, but be available to talk to police and experts if needed. If you’re on the other side, it’s down to your council to determine the guilt of the defendant and bot the defence’s job to prove his innocence. So you need to get as much support and help as possible. Just be cautious of putting words into people’s mouths – whether accidental or otherwise.




First and foremost – call a lawyer. They will be able to tell you straight away if you have a case and can advise you on who else to contact in regards to evidence. Unlike what many might think a lawyer doesn’t cover every aspect of the law – they specialize. So it’s important that you get in contact with the right one. You literally just have to search something like ‘employment lawyers near me’ to get a list, with ratings, a pear on your screen. The world is at your fingertips these days.



When you file your claim, it’s likely to be a criminal offence. In which case you need to talk to the police and have an official statement drawn up, they will also help with contacting any other parties. If calling the police wasn’t the first thing you did when the incident occurred, then it’s not an emergency so don’t use the emergency line. Go into your local station and file a complaint.


If your claim concerns anything medical, if you have been harmed in any way, and you were treated for those injuries, then get the medical report from the hospital. As emergency staff are rushed off their feet, they do tend to write only What the doctors need on the report, so as soon as possible, have the officer handling your case contact the person who wrote your initial statement in order to expand the initial report as much as possible.



If the claim is complex or extreme, your lawyer might decide to call in an expert in this area to clarify any questions and even inform on whether the event was plausible in any way. Experts like T. T. Williams, Jr., Investigations, Inc. Police Misconduct will be under oath and so will not be on either side. They will give evidence honestly, and in an unbiased manner, an expert is a trusted individual in the court, and their word tends to be believed.




If there were any witnesses to the crime, the best shot is to ask the police officer handling your case to contact them and interview them. That way it won’t look like they are repeating a story you have told them over the phone. It might be intentional, but you need to cover your back as much as possible. From there, don’t discuss the case with your witnesses in case they get summoned to give evidence in court.


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