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Put Your Air Mask On First

As mothers, we tend to give more of ourselves than we probably should.  The needs, wants and desires of our family come first and we find ourselves taking a backseat in our own lives.  While this instinct to take care of our children is a completely natural thing, and very useful in most cases, we do have to remember that keeping an eye out for ourselves is also just as important.


I don’t really want to admit it, but I had a bit of a breakdown this summer.  I was running on fumes and just couldn’t manage to keep moving forward anymore.  I couldn’t realize how much I had accomplished, because the never ending to do list was always growing to the point that by the time I’d cross one thing off, five more had hopped on the list.  I was overwhelmed and I could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel.



If you’ve ever flown in a plane, or heard stories about flying in a plane, I’m sure you’re very familiar with a certain analogy.  The one about putting your own air mask on before helping others.  If you’ve happened to live under a rock your whole life and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me enlighten you.  In an emergency situation on an airplane, when the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, your instructions are to put on your mask first and then help others.  Now as a mother, this goes against our logical thinking…  No, I’m going to put the mask on my kids first!  They are most important…  Right?  But, as the flight attendant will remind you – You are no good to others if you pass out from lack of oxygen before you get their masks securely fastened.  That’s why they say to put yours on first, and then you’ll be able to help your kids, or anyone around you that may need it.


God has promised us that He will not give us more than what we can handle.  Somedays, I want to laugh when I’m reminded of this.  God sure must think I’m a lot stronger than I am!  But, in the end, after I’ve made it through the tunnel and can look back on the situation, I realize that He was right.  I could handle it.  And, He was holding my hand the whole time, helping me get through.



God will also help you through the hard days.  He will with each situation make an escape, that you may be able to overcome it.  My escape that helped me get out of my summer funk, was a day away with a dear friend.  We went to a local winery and talked over a bottle of wine and the most delicious Caprese Flatbread that I have ever tasted.  I mean, it was literally what I imagine all the food in Heaven to taste like!  Sooo yummy!  But, yeah…  Having someone to talk to.  Someone to confide in.  Someone to help me realize the changes that I needed to make and a few actionable steps that I could take to get me to where I needed to be.  It made all the difference.  With a lot of prayers, and the support of my friend, I was able to begin to pull myself out of the whole that I had dug myself into.


And you can do it too!  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, I encourage you to find someone whom you can confide in and seek help.  I also strongly encourage some Caprese Flatbread during your conversation too – whether it be in person or a gorgeous picture hanging on your wall that you can look at with watering mouths.  If you don’t have a friend you feel comfortable sharing your struggles with, remember that God is always with you and would love to be your friend too!


So put your own oxygen mask on first.  Take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of those around you.  Your kids will thank you for it!  Grab a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee and some delicious snacks and take the night off.  You deserve it!




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