Looking for a Career Change?

Are you looking for a flexible and inspiring career? Finding the perfect job that will allow you to balance work life and home life can sometimes be a very difficult thing.  Let’s take a look at a few work from home options that might help you manage the balance a little bit better.



Become an Artist

Whether you’re creating painting or photographs, clothes or home décor knick-knacks, let your inner artist shine!  There are several websites that allow you the avenue to selling your handcrafted items.  Etsy (link to Etsy) is a perfect example!  Feeling a little stuck on what you could sell?  Hop on over and see examples of what others are doing to help get your brain juices flowing.


Become a Writer

It doesn’t matter if you write a book, a blog or for someone else, writing can be a profitable task.  Becoming a freelance writer  can be a wonderful way to express yourself.  There are several webpages out there that will walk you through starting your own profitable blog step by step.


Become a Consultant

If you enjoy helping others, becoming a consultant might be the ideal career for you!  Consultants not only create a job for themselves, but they also help other people in the process.  It’s a win-win situation!


Become a Flipper

House flipping has become very popular these days.  All you have to do is turn on HGTV and you’ll see in there lineup several different shows that feature people doing this in their own way.  But, you can flip things other than houses as well.  Head to your local Goodwill store and find old future that you could restore to sell, or vintage knick knacks that might be selling on sites like Ebay for more than what they are selling for at the Goodwill.  Yard sales and auctions are other places where you might be able to snag a good deal on something you could sell.  Buy low, fix it up and then sell high and you’ll be making money flipping in no time!


Become a Babysitter

If your desire is to be at home with your children, then perhaps opening up your home and heart to other children might be the path you’re destined to take.  Becoming a babysitter, or perhaps even opening up your own daycare can be a very lucrative career!  I mean, I didn’t work outside of the home for several years because I couldn’t afford childcare for two children under the age of two!  Image the money that could be made if you had a few extra children in your home to play alongside your own.  Make sure that you follow any local laws about licensing and the limits for the number of children you can watch at a time.


Become a Driver

Delivery is another way that you can bring in some money.  Everything gets delivered these days.  From groceries to fast food, even people get delivered through services like Uber.  You could use your driving skills to bring in extra money.


There are several options in the world as to how you could make flexible income.  Hopefully these ideas have sparked something in your mind!