Flexible And Inspiring Career Options All Working Moms Should Consider

In the life of a modern mom, a balance between family life and a career is not always easily achieved. We want to be the best mom ever and also maintain our income, independence, and career. We want to inspire our kids and others to follow their dreams and instill the belief that they are capable of anything. One way of achieving this is to examine some more flexible career options like the one listed below. Read on to find out more.



Substitute Teacher

Whether you have previously been working in the education industry or not, the option of becoming a substitute teacher is definitely one you should think about.



This is because there are a lot of benefits to this inspiring career. The first is that it’s pretty flexible, with you deciding when you work rather than the school dictating it for you. Perfect if you have kids to pick up elsewhere during the day.  


Secondly, the rate of pay is good, and the level of responsibility is less than for regular teachers because there is less marking and planning to do. Of course, not everyone like this aspect, as they prefer to come up with their own resources. Also, the need to establish discipline repeatedly in new places can be a little draining too. So do think carefully before embarking on any retraining for this career.


Locum Staff

Medicine is not only an essential area to be in for everyone’s well being, but it’s also a varied and exciting career full of some of the most inspiring people that you will ever meet. However, having a young family to look after and surviving in the pressured atmosphere of medicine instant always easy.


That is why moms already in medicine, or considering it as a career option should consider retaining as a locum staffer. A post that can allow them to continue their vital work, just with a little more flexibility, ensuring that their family doesn’t miss out either.



Luckily there are many medical institutions in the US crying out for locum tenens physician staffing that are of a high quality. Something that can make it easy to get work, when you need it no matter where you are located.



Of course, many moms wish to stay as close to home as possible when their brood are young and bring in a wage as well. A career option that can allow them to do this is freelancing.


In particular freelancers with skills such as computer programming, app development, and graphic design can earn a steady wage, either through independent clients or by using sites that connect you with people needing one-off projects completed.



Having said that, it can be tough to focus on your project and meet deadlines if you don’t have help with childcare too. So do factor this into your pricing when charging for each job. Otherwise, you could end up working 24 hours a day, and that isn’t going to do you or your family much good in the long run.


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