6 Cheap Destinations for Short-Notice Holidays

Planning is a big part of preparing for holidays, which makes it incredibly stressful to try and arrange one in a small amount of time. The travel experts at Compare and Choose have put together this list of 6 cheap destinations for short-notice holidays, so you won’t have to panic if your holiday deadline is starting to close in.



Bucharest, Romania

The Romanian lei is currently equivalent just under twenty pence, which means that your holiday budget goes a long way compared to other destinations. The city is full of culture, architecture and quirky businesses that’ll appeal to avid explorers and photographers.


Unlike a lot of popular holiday spots, there’s plenty of freely-accessible parks and green spaces, so there’s plenty of nature to break up the time you spend exploring the streets. As a family destination, the city has dozens of attractions on offer, including multiple amusement parks (with one, Crangasi Aqua Parc, being made specifically for toddlers), zoos and museums.


Algarve, Portugal

Taking an all-inclusive trip to the Algarve region can save you a lot of money compared to traveling there yourself, no matter what you’re there to find. The area offers a variety of water-sports, plenty of beach-based entertainment and some of Europe’s most well-reviewed family-focused accommodation.


The west side of the region is very tourism-heavy, with lots of surfing and entertainment, while the east is much calmer and more geared towards people with a genuine interest in the country. Both are very friendly to tourists and offer a huge variety of food and drink.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is another seaside town that offers relatively low prices for such a beloved tourist spot. The number of visiting tourists has steadily increased for almost a decade, thanks to its accessible attractions: the entire town can be explored in under a day if you rush, but it’s still big enough to give you some exercise during your trip.


Although certain restaurants and services have booster their prices to earn more from the constant flood of tourists, there are still plenty of businesses that keep their prices low and affordable, especially compared to other popular coastal destinations.


Brittany, France

If you’re looking for a more nature-filled holiday, Brittany has plenty of hikes and walks that can take you all across the region during your stay. If you want the full nature experience as a family, the De L’Atlantique campground is a prime spot for pitching a tent and sleeping near the water.


Brittany has over eight-hundred islands to explore, so if you’re not a fan of walking, you could always hire a boat to follow the coast and see the region from a distance. Thanks to its location, it takes no longer to get there than it would to drive down most of the UK, so you won’t be stuck in a plane or car for hours on end.


San Diego, California

Actually, getting to California can be a bit expensive if you don’t look for a good deal, but it’s easy to survive there on a holiday budget. Aside from the excellent Go San Diego discount card for certain attractions, there’s also the excellent beaches and cultural parks that you can enjoy at absolutely no cost, as well as some excellent walking tours and historic architecture.


Like a lot of holiday spots, finding the restaurants that the locals prefer is a great way to get good food without paying tourist prices. There are plenty of out-of-the-way locations that you’ll find by just wandering around at your own pace.


Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach might be one of the best places in the world for low cost holidays. The mixture of clubs, culture and beachside relaxation can keep everybody satisfied, with food being readily available at prices that are probably cheaper than your local restaurants back home.


If you’re looking to book a holiday for a friend’s birthday, the cheap drinks and endless bars mean that you’ll be able to go out drinking every night without bankrupting yourself in the process. If that’s not to your liking, the huge variety of activities (including karting and diving) will keep you busy during your stay.