How to Create a Chic Living Room the Whole Family Will Love


Did you know you can have a chic, up-to-date living room even while you have kids of all ages? Well, better believe you can! Some good planning, a few strategically chosen and placed pieces and durable materials will make your living room perfect for toddlers, teens and adults alike! Let’s see how to pull it off.


It’s play time!

Most of us don’t have a separate playroom, so if you wish to retain any part of your living room and keep it looking “adult”, you must dedicate one corner of your space for kids’ activities. Without this little fun corner, you’ll just have toys and kids’ books scattered all over the space and you don’t want to live in a kindergarten! Also, make sure there’s plenty of storage to hide the toys, crayons and books once playtime is over and have a clear and uncluttered living room!



Opt for durable floors

If you have very young kids, you can expect to have many spills and dropped food and toys. Understandably, you don’t want to scrub your carpet every day or watch as your precious tiles break together with that heavy toy. However, wooden and laminate floors are easy to clean, can take a lot of wear and tear and look simply amazing! For some added softness in the play corner, you can opt for a cute area rug or even get a spongy mat that is easy to store away when it’s bedtime!



Boost storage

Kids, no matter what age, have a lot of clothes, gadgets, toys and different trinkets that can overwhelm your living room faster than you can say “clutter” (and adults are no better). So, make sure to get plenty of storage, both closed and open, to manage clutter and keep things looking decent. One amazing solution to this problem is decorative boxes or baskets. These can easily blend with the walls and make all your unsightly possessions stay hidden but available when you need them. Furniture with under-seat storage is also great. It can store old books and magazines, rarely used toys, board games and out-of-season decoration and linen.



Be careful with furniture

Many people simply don’t bother with furniture while their kids are still small. However, you can have a sleek and comfy sofa AND let your kids climb and jump on it! One of your first choices should certainly be leather recliner sofas since they are super cozy and easy to clean. Most accidents and spills can be easily removed with a wet cloth and a homemade solution! And, if you combine it with an attractive floor lamp and some original art, you’ll have a living room that is stylish, durable and kid-friendly.



Get some tech up in here

If you feel like your living room needs to step into the 21st century, make sure to create a tech-friendly space all of you will enjoy. This is an upgrade most teens and young adults will be thrilled to have in their homes, but all the technology is very easy to operate and you’ll fall in love with it in a blink of an eye, even if you’re totally “tech-illiterate”. Just make sure to opt for electronics that will not overwhelm your space! Think a new generation smart TV, some great (but subtle) speakers and don’t forget an integrated home assistant. Companies like Google and Amazon already have their smart home devices that can make your life easier, but we expect many more to come out soon.



Get to work

If your kids often remember their homework in the evening before they have to present it and they need your help with the problems, you can set up a study station right in your living room. Get one desk that will be a part of the space, but face the wall—away from the TV and other distractions. This way, your little scholars will have an appropriate space to tackle school work, but still stay in the circle of the family. Get a good, ergonomic chair and appropriate lighting, and homework will be a piece of cake!


Once you incorporate all of these elements into your new living room, you’ll have a space that both you and your kids will love and enjoy. Your mornings, days and evenings will be cozy and filled with quality family time!


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