5 Ways To Ensure Your Child’s Eyes Stay Healthy

As parents it’s our responsibility to protect the health of our child’s eyes. Any eye problems are best solved with early intervention from eye specialists. Our eyes are our windows to the world, children learn about the world from what they see. From birth, a newborn baby will fix their eyes onto their parents, they quickly learn to recognize their parents face and they start to distinguish between colors, light, dark and shapes. Children are prone to eye infections and injury, this is due to the very nature of being a child and exploring the world around them. Conjunctivitis is a common infectious childhood eye condition and bumps and knocks are bound to happen.



Eye examinations

Eye examinations are an essential part of ensuring that your child’s Vision remains in good health. Most eye specialists recommend that children should have their first eye examination prior to starting school. Many schools also screen children for eye problems in the first year or so. Eye specialists will be able to determine whether your child needs their vision correcting with spectacles. They also look at the health of the eye and will be able to refer to ophthalmologists as necessary, if further investigation is required.


Eye conditions

Some families have a history of certain eye conditions which may be hereditary. Children with a family history will require extra screening in order to look out for eye conditions such as glaucoma which can occur in childhood, astigmatism and cataracts – to name a few. Early intervention in order to treat and manage these conditions will enable sight to be maintained. There has been an incredible amount of progress in treating serious eye conditions over recent years.



You often don’t see as many children wearing sunglasses as adults, but your child’s eyes still need protecting from bright sunlight and strong uv rays. It is important to choose sunglasses with sufficient uv protection, otherwise they are little more than a fashion accessory! If your family enjoys skiing consider purchasing ski goggles with uv protection. On sunny days the brightness shining off snowy ground can be immense.


Take a break

Technology has taken over our day to day lives at a fast rate of knots! Encourage your child to take breaks from screens, This is often a particular problem for teenagers as most homework and study is now completed online.


Too much screen time can cause eyes to feel dry and gritty as well as can cause headaches. As a lot of children have gaming as a hobby and acquire mobile phones at an early age, this issue is not going away anytime soon.



Many old wives tales are simply not relevant in this day and age, however eating carrots really does help to promote healthy eyes! This is due to carrots containing beta-carotene which the body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for good vision, although will not cure short or long sightedness. Oily fish, eggs and lots of leafy green vegetables also contain vitamins essential for the health of your eyes.


For optimal eye health ensure your child visits an eye specialist on a regular basis and observe your child’s eyes for any unusual symptoms. Encourage frequent hand washing to deter infection.


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