4 Tips To Choose The Right Bra

For many women, bra shopping turns out to be a traumatic and disappointing experience; and the same can be said for the actual wearing of bras. Many women wear uncomfortable bras that slip off their shoulders or dig into their skin. A lot of this is because of the incorrect bra. If you are not comfortable in the bra you are wearing, you are not getting the one that is best for you. Here are a few tips you need to consider when purchasing a bra.



  1.  Majority support will come from your band

Cups will help hold your breasts in the right place but the band will provide actual support. You might think that the straps hold up your bust but you are wrong. The straps will help keep the cup flush with the body and will shape the breast but if the band and cup fit well, you will be able to slip off the straps while the bra stays in place.


  1. Know your size as well as your “sister size”

We all have often come across a variation in how bras of the same size fit from one brand to another. This is why you need to know your true size and your sister size. If one bra does not fit in your regular size, it is the sister size you need to consider. There is a rule that if you go up in the band, you need to go down in the cup. Knowing the sister size will help you accommodate for the size differences between brands. It works well when the real size is hard to shop for. Women with large cup sizes and small bands will benefit from sister sizes.


  1. If the bra straps dig into your shoulders, something is wrong!

If the breasts are spilling around the edges of your bra cup, they could be putting a lot of weight on the straps and you might find yourself pulling the straps time and again to hold them in place. Your shoulders will benefit from large cups. If the straps are digging into the shoulders, the band is too loose and the straps are doing all the work. If the straps are pulled so tight that they are yanking the strap up, it is too outstretched to do its job. In such situations, it is best to replace the bra with the right size and here are some options for you to consider.


  1. If the straps are slipping, the cups are too big

If the center panel on the front of your bra is floating away, the cups are really big. If the straps are slipping, the cups are very big. The center panel should lay flat against the middle of the chest. You might want to go down on the cup size in this case.


Keep these four tips in mind when you consider buying new bras. It is also advisable to replace your bra from time to time because it does not last forever.