Christmas Present Ideas for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Christmas brings great joy to my heart.  I just love the happiness that the holidays can bring.  Seeing the smiles on the faces of my friends and family when they open up the presents that I have hand-picked just for them makes my heart overflow.  Knowing exactly what to get each person is something that I put a great deal of time and consideration into.  I want to ensure that I have found the perfect present for each person.  I try to break it down by taking a look at the things that they like and the budget that I have to spend.  If I was not me, but was buying a present for me, I would go with the fact that I am a coffee addict and see what I can find from there.  What would a coffee lover enjoy receiving for Christmas?



A Vacation in Peru

In my opinion, coffee beans that come from Peru provide some of the most flavorful coffee.  Having the opportunity to be in the country where they grow would be a delight. There are a lot of ways to go about planning an international vacation.  I recommend hiring a tour service such as or a travel guide. Mention to them that you’re a fan of the coffee and see if they wouldn’t be able to work that into the tour for you too!


A New Coffee Creation Machine

When it comes to coffee makers, there is a huge spectrum to choose from.  There is the simple French press, a k-cup brewer, an espresso machine – and that barely scratches the surface.  That’s not even mentioning the accessories such as a grinder, frothier or storage jar.  You can look at names like Ninja or the Bezzera coffee machine for sale.   There are machines that you could get on a reasonable budget, or you could go all out and spoil your loved one with a really nice, high quality machine.  Do a little snooping and learn how they like their coffee, and then see what type of machine can help them create those amazing flavors at home.


Coffee Supplies

You could never go wrong buying a coffee addict coffee supplies.  Find a cute coffee mug with a saying or design on it that you know they’d love.  Get a sugar bowl and a bag of sugar to show them just how “sweet” you think they are!  You could even get them a gift card to their favorite local coffee house.  Having the means to get coffee, whether it is the supplies to create it or the funds to pay for it, will bring a smile to that caffeine driven person in your life.


I’ve chosen to break down some ideas for someone who loves coffee because it comes easy for me – being a coffee lover myself.  When you’re looking at what to get the loved ones in your life, follow the same steps though.  Find something that they love, and then think of all the different avenues that you would be able to find them something that fits in their niche.


What was your favorite Christmas present you were given last year?

What are you most excited to give this year?