Cleaning Chores Every Kid Should Learn

Keeping the house clean – well as clean as it can be when you have three children – is something that I strive to do.  It’s a difficult task for me, I’ll be honest.  I wasn’t the cleanest kid and never truly mastered the art of maintaining cleanliness.  That has driven a passion in me to grow a love for cleaning in my kids, so that they can help me now and be prepared for their own place when they are on their own.  So when Demi Giles reached out with this amazing article, I knew that it would be a perfect fit!  So, without further ado, let me pass the page over to Demi while she shares with us about teaching kids cleaning chores.

Cleaning chores every kid should learn


There are still many families out there that prefer to handle all the cleaning chores by themselves rather than looking for professional help.  Many families even involve their children in the chores because this way they can learn responsibility and develop their organization skills.  We totally agree to it and we think that it is necessary our little superheroes help us when we most need them.


Yes, kids need to do chores.  If you cannot agree with us, let us convince you.  If kids are taught to help us with the chores, they will be able to work and be productive when they grow up, allowing them to put efforts needed for feeding a family and keeping a marriage strong, for example.  If you teach them to help you now, you will be thankful later.


First, you should know that children were not born taught and they are not aware of how this cleaning system works.  You have to be patient and walk them through the process.  They should know how you want a certain job to be done.


Lets start with the little ones of the family – the three year old.  Since the kid is too young, the chores need to be very easy and safe.  For example, why not tell your kid to pick up the blankets or just gather the pillows from the floor?  He or she can do it without your help and may even find it funny.  Something so simple but useful at the same time.  If your kids do something bad or complain about something, you may increase the number of chores they have to do.


Most of the time, your little one will be proud of his/her productivity and will keep on helping you.  As he/she finds it enjoyable, involving them in the cleaning, they realize that they are part of the family and when they assist you with the chores, you all will have more time for family activities later.


There are also daily responsibilities which should become something like a habit.  All of these are done daily, with no exceptions.  One of the major ones include making beds, putting the dishes directly into the dishwasher and cleaning up after each meal, unloading the dishwasher and putting the dirty clothes into the laundry basket.  All of these cannot be listed as cleaning duties, but it is essential for every kid to do them on a daily basis.


When your children get a little bit older, it is something normal for the chores to get a little bit more complicated as well.  Let your kids set the table for dinner and then clear it.  Of course, in the beginning you will supervise them, but over time they will get used to it and will not need help any more.  Another thing you can try is when you go shopping with them, to let them carry the lighter goods.  When you go back home, let them unload the shopping packages.


At ages between 8 and 10, kids are much more responsible and can do more chores.  They should already be able to take care of their personal hygiene.  You can make them clean their own rooms and belongings as well as vacuum and mop the entire property.  You can entrust them the laundry folding and basic food preparation.


See?  There are many things your kids can assist you with and we are sure that when they are finally grown-ups, they will thank you for all the life lessons you taught them.  Because as we already said, doing chores teaches responsibility and independence.  Let your kids take part!


At what age did your children start doing chores?

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