5 Tips for Cleaning Out the Messiest Places in Your House

The past few weeks we’ve been focusing on spring cleaning here.  So, when Sury Jane from Only Canister Vacuum became available to guest post, I was thrilled to invite her to write a post for you.  Let’s give a warm welcome to Sury as she brings us Five Tips for Cleaning the Messiest Places in Your House! 



As human beings, we are animals of habit. We easily get used to doing certain things in certain ways, and this usually effects our lives. One of such effects is cluttering around the house. It’s something we are all guilty of, but by identifying these clutter magnets around the house, we can hopefully make some improvements. Following is a list of these top 5 places in our homes, and what we can do about them.



The Foyer

The foyer/front closet is one of the main clutter magnets in the home. Being the first space we encounter in the home, shoes, bags, overcoats, hats and so many other items easily find their place here. With time, these items pile up to become a mess, and may create a bad impression about you when guests come over.
To counter this, go through everything in your entry-way and remove any clothing that is not currently needed or in season. It’s best to keep just one or two pairs of shoes, jackets etc. and possibly get them arranged in racks.


The Garage/Basement

The garage or basement is another area of the house that really deserves your attention. For many families, the basement is the place to dump all unwanted items from the home, for others, it’s the garage. Whichever of the two you have, or maybe both, taking time to sort through the items in your garage or basement is of vital importance.
Many families stock items they don’t need, and may never even need in the garage/basement. You could sell these items you don’t need any more on online auction sites, and give other items away to charity and so on.


The Closet

The bedroom closet is yet another place to focus on. Although you may have hangers and all the shelf space in the world, some closets are often a nightmare. De-cluttering your bedroom closet takes commitment on your side, to always hang your shirts properly, have your underwear neatly folded, as well as have your other accessories properly arranged. Only through making this daily effort at organization can the bedroom closet approach decency.
Occasional vacuuming is also important, and canister vacuum cleaners work best here. This is because of the flexibility that they provide in reaching corners, drawers and other hard-to-reach areas. You should read about vacuum cleaner buying guide so that you can select the best canister vacuum to buy for maintaining a clean home.


The Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the home, but for many families, it’s also the center of chaos. Most kitchens are cluttered because people tend to hold on to items they are sentimental about. You will agree with me that 15 coffee mugs for a household of two or three is simply too much. You need to trim down in the kitchen.
Get rid of things you don’t need, the extra mugs, plates, and all those gadgets. In fact you can do the 1-Month Cardboard Box experiment. Simply empty your kitchen drawer into a box, then only put back a utensil in the drawer, if you need it within one month. The same should apply for many gadgets that you don’t use. You’ll be surprised at what you really need, and what you don’t.


The Bathroom

It is probably the hardest part of the house to keep clutter-free. Most bathroom cabinets are overflowing with multiple toothpastes, mouth wash and medicines, that no one actually needs. The solution is to find someplace else to store all the things you don’t use on a daily basis in the bathroom.



It may be difficult applying these changes at first, but it you stick to it, you will eventually get better at organizing your home and enjoying a clutter-free atmosphere.


This is a guest post from blogger and cleaning expert, Sury at Only Canister Vacuum. She’s the queen of cleaning tips, tools and tricks and knows everything you could imagine about the world of vacuums.


What place in your house gets the messiest?


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