CMFRT Weighted Blanket Review & Giveaway

There are few things that I value more than my sleep.  If you’re a fellow mother, I’m sure you understand.  Whenever I hear of a product that could be used to help improve the quality of sleep, they have my attention.  I’ve heard about the claims that weighted blankets can be used to help calm (especially for people with ADHD and Autism) so when reached out and offered to let me try one of their blankets, I gladly accepted the opportunity.



When the blanket first arrived, I quickly opened it and spread it out on my bed.  Beside being just a little bit shocked at how heavy it was (which I should not have been because I knew that I had ordered a 20 pound blanket), I was very happy.  It fit perfectly on top of my queen size bed.  The bottom of the blanket is a soft blue cotton, so as not to make the user too hot when sleeping, and the top is a super soft dotted minky material.  I can see my Austic daughter rubbing her hands over and over the dots, enjoying the texture they provide.


I quickly climbed under the blanket, and Oh My!  I was in Heaven.  CMFRT describes the feeling as being given a big hug, and I think that hits the nail perfectly.  It’s hard to describe it, but the weight pressing you into the bed almost gives your body the feeling of being weightless.  I laid there for a good half hour, in the middle of the day when I should have been up doing housework, just enjoying the relaxing feeling.



I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever slept as good as I did last night, using my weighted blanket.  When reading about them in the past, I honestly thought they were just a big hype – but after experiencing one first hand – I’m a firm believer that EVERYONE needs one of these blankets.  It’s on my shopping list now to purchase one for my Austic daughter, because she’s not getting mine!



CMFRT uses a duvet system for their weighted blankets.  This allows for the weighted blanket to be easily removed for cleaning.  Whew!  I wouldn’t want to have to send a 20 pound blanket through the washing machine on a regular basis, and they thought of that in advance for you!  Complete washing instructions are included in your box as well.



Which Size Do I Need?

There are several different sizes to select from with these blankets, which at first glance can feel intimidating.  But, there is no need to feel scared.  Just a minute of math and you’ll know what size blanket you need.  How much does the person using the blanket weigh?  I’m not comfortable discussing my weight, so we use my daughter as an example since I’ll be ordering her a blanket here soon.  She weighs 130 pounds.  The number I’m looking for is 10% of her weight.  Quickest way to figure that, if you’re not a math wiz, is simply to move the decimal point over one place.  130 becomes 13.0 or 13 pounds.  The two blankets she’s between is 12lbs or 16 pounds.  I’ll round up and order her a 16 pound blanket.  Easy Peasey, right?



But please, don’t just take my word on how wonderful these blankets are.  Try them for yourself!!  One lucky reader is going to be able to do just that – FOR FREE!  That’s right!  Thanks to, I’m able to give away one 7 pound weighted blanket for one lucky little one to try.  Follow then on Facebook and Instagram and check out their current updates on their blog. Enter below for your chance to win!


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