How College Students Can Earn Some Easy Money On The Side

No one understands financial hardships more than a college student does. Money is at a constant all-time low and you have to frequently balance between food, social life, and rent. If you’re able to live at home with your parents during college you should consider yourself lucky as you’re avoiding one of the costlier college expenses: rent. Regardless of your living accommodation, there’s no such thing as having too much money. When you’re in college and all you want to do is party and go out, finding out ways to earn some extra money on the side is always welcomed. To that extent, we bring you a couple of ways you can earn extra cash without too much effort.




This is arguably one of the easiest and best ways of earning money in college. If you’re great at taking notes and visit classes often, you can register on OneClass and put up your notes for other students to download and use. You’ll get rewards each time someone uses your notes and be helping out struggling fellow students in the process. It’s a win-win situation. Gift cards and vouchers from big retailers are the most common rewards, but you can even opt to receive cash payments directly to your PayPal, all thanks to some notes you took in class. Isn’t that great?


Online Surveys

The fact that this one doesn’t require any special skills is what makes it so great. If you have some time to kill and got nothing better to do, fill out an online survey. Although the pay for a single survey alone isn’t that great, you can increase the per-survey rate if you complete enough of them. Surveys can often prove to be quite fun and an excellent way to get your voice heard and shape the future of a lot of major brands.



As its name suggests this is a freelancing platform where you can get just about anything done for five dollars. More to the point, you can offer just about any service for $5 or more. Once you set up your profile and portfolio, you can start creating gigs. The best part is that you’re not limited to just one gig or a particular type of gig. You can have multiple gigs up simultaneously, ranging from copywriting to Photoshop editing and even voice acting. Gigs don’t have to offer already established services, however. They can be as ridiculous or silly as you want. If you think someone’s going to want (or need) your service, you should create it. Even if you don’t make a ton of money from it, you’ll still earn a good amount for a night out and have fun doing it.



If you’re a hard-working individual who’s also creative, we guarantee you’ll have no trouble earning money with one of the above-mentioned methods. Don’t look at it as a temporary job just to earn some extra money on the side though. The experience it provides is far greater than the amount of money you’ll earn.