Does Complaining About Back Pain Means I’m Old?

Nobody stays young forever. With time, it is, alas, unavoidable to notice the first signs of ageing in your body. Maybe your skin feels less smooth than it used to be. You need to dye your hair more often, and you might have even found yourself in front of the bathroom mirror, pulling out that one stubborn white hair that keeps coming back. The beauty industry is getting richer every day on our fears of exposing the truth to the world, the fact that we, people, are not eternal and that we grow older. But thankfully anti-wrinkle creams and hair dye can ensure that you keep your youthful appearance for a little longer. But what about the subtle changes that you can’t hide? What about the nagging pain in your back? Does complaining make you sound old? Is back pain a sign that your body is getting older? Before you worry too much and consider gulping down a couple of painkillers in the hope of bringing your body back to youth, here’s a piece of news for you: Your back pain can be caused by more than just age. And that’s precisely why you need to understand your pain to act accordingly.



You can get old without suffering from back pain

As the body age, the bones and disks in your spines can be known to degenerate over time. As a result, people feel stiff and experience soreness when they move. Indeed, between each vertebrae, there are small joints that allow your spine to move, and disks that are designed to absorb the shocks and stock vertebrae from rubbing against each other. However, when these disks wear away, the bones begin to rub against each other: This is what caused the feeling of stiffness and pain. However, contrary to the common belief, getting older doesn’t mean that your body should become less reliable. Think of it as a machine. If you keep good care of the machine, there is no reason for it to fail or show signs of tear and wear. So, there is no surprise here; people with a healthy lifestyle don’t only live longer, but they don’t suffer from a painful and handicapping ageing process. What does it mean to have a back-friendly lifestyle? First of all, it’s about maintaining a healthy weight. If you are overweight, it’s likely that the additional pressure on your vertebrae will cause pain. You also need to reduce pressure on your back, whether it comes from back posture or from carrying heavy loads. Finally, you can’t keep a healthy back without exercising the supportive muscles, in your back but also your abdomen. In other words, you can get old without back pain.


You sit all day at work

Did you know that one of the most common back complaints come from people working in an office – whether you work for a company or in your own home office? Indeed, for a lot of office workers, days can be quite back-unfriendly. The prolonged sitting position is not natural to the human body. Indeed, your body is made for moving, not for sitting on a chair for 8 to 10 hours a day. Yet what do we all do during the week? We sit at a desk up to 5 days in a row. Needless to say, that bad posture will occur on an ordinary chair. That’s precisely why, if you can make a special request, you should be asking for an ergonomic chair. If you’re a freelancer who works from home, you’re in luck, you don’t need to ask anybody! Ergonomic office furniture might seem expensive at first, but it’s the best thing you can do to reduce pressures on your back. In fact, you’ll even find that more and more people are looking for standing desk options to avoid the health risks of sitting all day. However, a word of warning before you ditch your chair and sitting desk for a standing option: Your body will need to acclimatize to the new working position. It might take several days to weeks to be able to work in standing all day without feeling tired or sore. Not that you shouldn’t switch to a healthier desk. But don’t go cold turkey: Nobody likes to move from back pain to sore legs.


Your body is working against you

Sometimes your back pain might just be the result of a body malfunction. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, but have you considered that maybe you were born with an anatomic issue that might explain your back pain? For instance, leg length discrepancy and back pain are tightly correlated, as your body naturally tries to compensate for the difference, forcing your back through unhealthy positions. However, more often than not, the leg length discrepancy doesn’t mean that one leg is visibly shorter than the other. A specialist would say that if there is at least 3mm difference between your legs, then you suffer from a significant discrepancy. However, if you’ve already tried to hang a shelf on a wall, you probably know that regardless what the tape measure shows, nobody notices a 3mm difference. Does it mean that one of your legs is shorter than the other? Sometimes, one bone could be shorter, but it could also be a case of pelvis rotation or misalignment. Ultimately, if you look closely, you may see that one of your kneecaps is higher or lower, or that clothes don’t fall evenly. If this is the case, you might want to discuss your back pain with a specialist.


Another common cause of pain caused by a change in the body structure is scoliosis, also called bent back. It’s a spinal deformity that is extremely common in children and adolescents and can occur as the body grows unevenly. If the back muscles are not strong enough to maintain the posture, the spine might curve. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the kind of health issue that doesn’t affect adults. In fact, it does in equally great numbers as a result of bad posture or carrying bags on one shoulder only – yes, your trendy satchel could cause you back pain. Here too, you may not be able to tell the difference between a slightly bent and a straight spine, however, if you talk to a specialist, you can find a permanent and non-surgical treatment for your scoliosis.


How do you sleep at night?

You’d be surprised to know that for a lot of people, the reason behind their back pain hides in the bedroom. Indeed, your mattress might be giving you back pain. How can you tell if this is the case? First of all, when do you first notice the pain? If it’s something that feels like you woke up with it, it’s fair to say that it occurred during the night. Admittedly, it’s not a dead giveaway that your mattress is to blame, especially if you woke up in a weird position. This type of pain, though, disappears rapidly and often needs no more than a good stretch. It’s the recurrence of the event – waking up with back pain – that indicates you’ve picked a bad mattress. If you’re looking for a quality mattress, the Amerisleep AS3 offers targeted back support as well as no sinking and a customizable firmness pattern. You should avoid mattresses that lack back support, that’s why you should try before you try!


When sports is not working for your health

Did you know which sports activity has the highest number of back pain complaints? The answer is yoga! Indeed, more and more yoga aficionados injure themselves as they practice their favorite poses, which serves to show that being healthy can be extremely unhealthy for you. Is yoga truly a dangerous hobby? Of course not. However, you need to develop a consciousness to how you hold your body and bring inner structures in alignment. Indeed, if you don’t pay close attention to the movements you are forcing your body into and the way you choose to bend, you can retain an injury. For instance, simple things such as positioning your feet so that they aligned with your knees and hips can reduce pressure on the back. Keeping a strong and stable pelvis will also help to reduce the risk of injury.


About kidney health

Finally, have you considered that your back pain may not be related to your back at all? You’ve got an essential organ in your back, your kidneys, that can cause a pain similar to muscular back pain. However, there are other signs that indicate an infection or inflammation in your kidneys. For instance, when your back pain radiates into the groin area, or if you’re feeling nauseous too. Cloudy or bloody urine can indicate that your kidney function is affected. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical assistance.


In conclusion, complaining about back pain doesn’t make you sound old. There could be plenty of reasons for your pain. But make sure to figure out sooner than later what is causing your problems. It could be extremely serious if it’s linked to a vital organ.


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