Confessions of a Postpartum Mommy

Today I have a special treat for you!  It’s another installment in our Summer Guest Blogger Series!  Today we welcome Aly from One Day, Mommy as she shares with us her honest confessions about what it’s like to be a postpartum Mother.  So, without further ado, let’s turn the page over to Aly.


Confessions of a Postpartum Mommy


I’m gonna be real with you. I hate the postpartum period of Motherhood. Now, I’d never wish away the first half, or any, of my babies’ life. But, it is the hardest part as a woman.

It took me nearly seven months to get back into pre-baby jeans with my first. I remember being stuck at the same number on the scale from months 2-5. I know how the cliché  saying goes, “It took nine months to get there“. And, I have said that before too. But, it doesn’t quiet the insecurities in my head.

I am comfortable in my skin. I know I’m not Instagram perfect or a fitness model. But, I am content with who I am. And, willing to continue to work at what I want to change. Until, I’m postpartum. Then I cringe in pictures and when I pass a mirror.

Growing and birthing a baby is an amazing feat. And, I’m so proud of my body for what it’s done. But, it doesn’t change that I want MY body back. The in-between is so hard. Because, you know deep down that it does take time. That your body grew so another life could as well. But, now you and your baby are two separate beings out in the world; and, it’s so hard to tell yourself that when you still can’t fit into your jeans.

But, I’m here to tell you mommy, it’s okay. It’s okay to not feel okay sometimes. We all understand! The beauty of it is, if you continue to work you will find yourself. All while you have that perfect little being by your side.

I would never trade being a size two, no stretch marks, and a cute little belly ring for my perfect boys. No matter how uncomfortable I feel sometimes. And the truth is, that in the moment it seems like an eternity to wait seven months to get your body back, but now my oldest being seven months is just a distant memory.

The postpartum period is the least confident time I’ve ever felt in my appearance as a woman. It is, however, the proudest, most joyful time of my life. The feeling of bringing new life into this world. That is yours. And, is so cute! Is indescribable! Far more rewarding than the smallest number on the scale could ever be.



What’s your postpartum confession?


Hi all! I’m Aly. I’m just a coffee fueled mama of two little boys. I am a military wife. And, a mom trying to share a positive spin on Motherhood chaos over at One Day, Mommy! The blog is my take on parenting. To me the phrase “one day” is past,present, and future. It is my hope that in the moments where I am dreaming of bedtime, wishing for this phase to pass, or feeling nostalgic for newborn smells, that I can connect with moms who are feeling the same!

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