Coping When Your Extended Family Come To Stay

Having your extended family come to stay can be like an olympic competition; so much preparation needs to go into everything to make everybody happy, that you will find yourself feeling worn out before they’ve even arrived. Whether your parents are coming to stay, your spouse’s parents are coming to stay, or you have other members of your extended family coming over, this post is going to give you some coping mechanisms you can use to ensure it goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible.



Read on to have the best possible time with your in-laws!


Set Boundaries And Ground Rules

Setting boundaries and ground rules is one of the key steps to not flipping out when your extended family come over. Make sure you discuss the boundaries and ground rules with your spouse and the people who live with you beforehand, so when your extended family show up, there are no crossed wires as to who should be doing what. When will you spend alone time with your spouse, for example? This is still important, especially if your family are staying for a few weeks! Make sure you also have a talk about any conflict you may have and how you feel about doing this in front of parents in law too. If you want to keep them out of your business, you should keep your conflicts to yourselves.


Find Them A Great Place To Stay Nearby

Having your extended family come to stay with you can be stressful enough, without them staying in the same house as you too! Why don’t you find them a great place to stay nearby instead? You can find furnished apartments on sites like so there’s absolutely no way your in-laws or parents can complain. Just don’t forget that doing things together will mean a better relationship for all involved.


Try To Understand Their Culture

If your guests have a different religion, come from a different upbringing, or have a different background, do your best to understand their culture as best you can. They see things differently, and you’ll be the bigger person if you try to see it from their POV. Be polite, and don’t take the things they say personally – unless they mean them that way, of course!



Develop Code Words

How about having some fun with your partner and developing code words when your extended family are getting a little annoying? It goes without saying that derogatory terms should be off the table, but setting a few fun code words should give you both a private joke to share and ease the tension in any situation!


The important thing to understand about your extended family, is that no matter how rude or stressful you find them, they are unlikely to change. Rather than wishing people would act differently, see them as trees and do your best to appreciate them for what they are, as they are. When you can change your perspective, you can often change your situation!


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