The Four Core Ingredients Of Good Skincare

We all know how important a skincare routine is in order to keep our skin looking younger, healthier, and feeling much smoother. But do we know exactly what we should be looking for from our skincare treatments? The truth is that many women will get skincare products without really asking what they do for them. Even if it feels like it’s contributing positive effort, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Here are the four qualities you should look for, the four most important parts of any skincare routine.



Naturally, you have to wash your face. There are few women who don’t know that. However, the consequences of missing a thorough cleanse even once can start a chain reaction of bad events in the skin. Sweat and dirt getting clogged in the pores mean that you’re a lot more likely to break out into unfortunate conditions like acne or rashes, for instance. However, there is some evidence that the morning isn’t always the best time to wash with anything stronger than a little water. Some of the oils produced while we sleep have a natural healing factor to them and washing them away can, again, make you more prone to breakouts.




Just as important as a cleanse is making sure that you’re getting rid of the dead skin cells that can skin to the skin. Just like dirt and sweat, this can clog up pores and can get in the way of the skin’s natural regeneration of new, fresh cells. It’s especially important to exfoliate before applying tanning products, as well.



The body is, in majority, made out of water so it’s no surprise it’s so crucial to our health. There’s evidence that drinking more water is better for your skin, and being deprived can result in it drying out more. But a good moisturizing skin cream is the best way to ensure it’s getting the water locked in that it needs. Check out those skin creams that prioritize on hydration like this Body Merry Retinol Surge review. Then avoid using any makeup or skincare products that feel like they dry out your skin too much.




The skin is, above all else, a protective organ of the body that’s supposed to shield the rest of us from damage. It needs some protection of its own, too, however. In particular, from the withering, damaging effects of the sun. Skin cancer is a common concern we should all be aware of, but the sun can do plenty of damage even if it doesn’t go that far, scarring and drying the skin, forcing it to peel and having to regenerate again. When you out in the sun, please make sure you’re using sun lotions that protect from both UVA and UVB rays and be generous with the SPF when in doubt.

These four ingredients are crucial to the rejuvenation, recovery, and protection of your skin. Just as important is learning to avoid certain unnecessary ingredients, such as fragrances, in your lotions. Often, they can be more harmful to your skin than they might sound.


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