Cotton Flower

The Importance of Taking a Break for Yourself

Most people at the pumpkin patch are taking pictures of…  well…  pumpkins.  Or their kids with the pumpkins.  Or perhaps even the fall decorations that the owners may have spread around to help create the mood of the season.  I’m just not most people.


Last fall when we were at the pumpkin patch, I found myself a bit overwhelmed with all the noise and chaos of the events and people around us.  I needed to escape for a moment to attempt to calm the pounding headache that was building within my skull.  That’s when I wondered over to the vegetable section of the patch.  I looked at the zucchini and peppers and all of the other produce that was available, when something pink caught my eye.


One row over from where I stood there were cotton plants.  I’ve heard about them before – I knew that they existed – but I had never seen one in person.  I never really thought about the fact that before most things grow, a flower is formed.  And just like apple trees, or cucumber plants, apparently cotton plants also create flowers – beautiful flowers at that!


So while the kids played in the hay bales, and the other parents were there taking pictures of the activities, I was off in a quiet corner of the pumpkin patch taking pictures of the cotton flowers.  I was allowing myself a moment to focus on me.  It was a small break, only a matter of minutes, but yet it had the power of creating in me a happy calm from being able to step aside.


Sometimes, taking a break, stepping away from the situation at hand, is exactly what we need to help us see the bigger picture.  Beauty is in the calm peace that results from the quiet stillness of a break.  Life will go on while you take a moment to collect your thoughts, and it will greet you with big smiles and warm hugs when you return – grabbing your hands and pulling you off to see the perfect pumpkin that was found while you were gone.  Rejuvenation can happen by allowing yourself a moment, so that you’re ready to pull the ridiculously heavy wagon full of pumpkins (and of course the kids who are by now far too tired to walk all the way back) up to the checkout.


When you look at this cotton flower, I hope you feel the sense of calm wash over you.  Allow yourself a moment to remember the beauty of the world around you – the beauty that is there even in the midst of the chaos of life.  It’s just waiting right around the corner for you to step aside for a moments break to cherish it.