Time-Saving Countertop Appliances

When it comes to choosing the appliances for your kitchen, everyone needs the basic ones first – an oven, a fridge, a toaster etc. And you want to make sure that these are high-quality and stand the test of time, so take a look at Bertazzoni. But once you have these ticked off the list, you can start thinking about the additional items which will help to improve your kitchen and make food preparation that little bit easier. Here are just a few speciality appliances that you may want to think about investing in.




Many people are embracing the power of blenders as a way of getting their daily fruit and vegetable quotas. So, if you are a smoothie person, getting a blender is an essential way of making these refreshing drinks easily accessible from the comfort of your kitchen.


Slow Cookers

Slow cookers can make your life in the kitchen so much easier. Sometimes, you are gone all day and you want to come home to a hot meal, but you simply don’t have the time to prepare it. All you need to do is throw your ingredients in there and leave it cooking for the day. There is all manner of one-pot meals which you can prepare using this method. Choose a model with a removable stoneware insert and it is easy to clean as well.


Coffee Makers

If you are a coffee addict who is sick of handing over so much money to your local barista, a coffee maker could well be the purchase for you. When it comes to quality and ease-of-use, there are plenty of programmable models out there. All you need to do is set it at night and you will wake up to freshly ground, brewed and stored coffee. Alternatively, you could go for a high-quality espresso machine to make your morning cup of joe.


Food Processor

There are so many day to day kitchen tasks like slicing, blending, pureeing and chopping which are made a lot more simple by using a food processor. Of course, whether it is worth investing in one depends on how much cooking you do at home.


Toaster Oven

If you like the idea of being able to make little treats for yourself like pizzas, cookies, and cakes without heating up the whole kitchen, a toaster oven will be a useful piece of equipment for you. And if you regularly host dinner parties which have a high number of guests, it can provide you with some invaluable extra cooking space.


Wine Cooler or Soda Maker

We have grouped these last two appliances together because it really does depend on your personal preferences as to which one will be more useful to you. The former allows you to dispense and preserve wine, as well as ensuring that an open bottle stays fresh for longer. The latter helps you to create soda which contains fewer additives than the traditional brands.


Now that you have a fuller picture of the countertop appliances out there, you can make a decision about which ones are right for your kitchen.


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