You’ve Escaped To The Country, But Does Your House Look The Part?

Many homeowners see moving to the country as their end goal. What could be better than looking out at unbroken fields? Each morning, you’d be able to step outside and hear nothing more than birdsong. Just the thought has always been enough to send shivers down your spine and desire to your heart.


And, finally, you’ve made the jump. You’ve bought that dream home in the country, and you’re ready to kick off suburban life for the lap of rural luxury. Only, the more often you return to your retreat, the more you realize your house is the only thing which ruins this pipedream.


That’s right; the house you’ve been looking for your whole life could soon start to grate. Imagine. You’re driving home; there isn’t a person around. Everything is natural, wild, and free. And, then you pull up at a very human made and domineering house in the middle of it all. You have a good mind to get out and give the owner an earful. Until you realize that owner is you, and this is the house you went crazy for only a few months ago.


If you feel this way, you can be sure other people driving through will feel the same. And, let’s be honest; none of us wants to live in THAT house which blights the landscape.


So, is that it? Should you pack up and go back to those suburban shores? Not at all. In truth, there are some simple ways to ensure your rural home doesn’t ruin the countryside around it. Read on to find out what they are.



A subtle exterior

Your exterior should be your focus here. If your house is a glass-fronted and modern construction, it should come as no surprise that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Even if your home is more traditional, a bright exterior color could have the same impact. The focus here is to find ways to ensure your home isn’t a blight on the landscape. If you do have a glass-fronted home, find ways to incorporate plant life. This will go some way towards bringing your house into the natural surroundings. Even if you have a brick and mortar home, ivy stretching across exterior walls could achieve the same thing. Make sure, too, to consider your paint choices. A bright colored house is sure to look a lot worse than a neutrally painted option. If possible, you could even do away with paint, and expose exterior bricks. At least that color’s a natural one.


Use natural home materials

Obviously, you don’t want a major renovation on your hands. Your house is fine as it is. But, making small changes to the materials used could go a considerable way towards blending your home with its surroundings. This could be as simple as wood windows, or natural wooden doors. You might also want to do away with imposing curtains and install wooden blinds instead. Equally, you could cover that concrete drive with pebbles. These would look much less imposing. These may seem like small changes, but they’re sure ways to blend your home with nature. They could take that unappealing edge from a property in such a rural location, and help you feel better each time you arrive home. So, for every aspect of your property, consider whether there’s a natural alternative which would work better.



Go wild with your garden

It’s also worth going wild with your garden. For obvious reasons, a perfectly manicured lawn may not entirely suit the surroundings. While you cut your grass every evening in your city home, that’s not necessary now. In fact, doing so will make your lawn stand out like a sore thumb. And, it could pose a risk to wildlife, or drive it away from your outside space altogether. And, isn’t wildlife in the garden half the reason you moved here? Instead, then, consider letting your garden loose a little. Though it may take some getting used to, long grass and a myriad of flowers can become amazing features. In fact, getting your wild garden right could be all it takes to transform your whole house. Over time, that grass will start to grow up the walls and turn your house into the fairytale cottage you always dreamt it would be. What’s more, wildlife will run free and live in harmony with your rural retreat. And, just like that, your house will become a part of the countryside, instead of the worst thing about it.


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