Moving To The Country: The Downsides Of Living In A Rural Area

If you’re fed up with the chaos of the city, you might be considering a move into the country. The idea of living in a beautiful old house, far from the noise and pollution of the city is a pretty attractive prospect. But living in a secluded house in a rural area isn’t always the fairytale you might think it is. Just like any other area, there are a lot of downsides to living out in the country. Before you make any major decisions, consider these potential problems with living in the country.



Getting Places

While you might complain about living in a big city, you probably enjoy the convenience of popping down the road to the shop if you need something or going to bars and restaurants that are nearby. When you move into the country, every activity that you take for granted suddenly becomes a bit of an effort. There will, of course, be a couple of shops and restaurants around, but there won’t be anywhere near as much going on as there is in the city. That means every time you want to go out, you’ll have to drive for a while to get there. That can be a bit tiresome after a while and you’ll end up spending a lot of money of fuel to get places. It’s not an issue for some people but if you like going out regularly, you might miss living in the city.


Lack Of Infrastructure

There’s a lot of stuff that you take for granted like electricity, running water and heating. I’m not saying you can’t get those things in the countryside, but if you’re in a particularly rural area that isn’t hooked up to the national grid, it’s a lot more work. You’ll need a generator for electricity and you’ll need to use a septic tank instead of the national sewer system. The major difference is that it’s up to you to maintain that which means getting a septic tank pumping company to empty it, and getting fuel to run your generator. If you run out of fuel, you’ve got no electricity or heating until you can get out and get some more. You’ll get used to doing all of that stuff after a while but it’s just a load of extra work that you have to take on if you move into the country.


Things like good internet connection or phone signal are also lacking in the countryside which can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’ve just moved from a big city where you’re used to getting high speeds.


That doesn’t mean that moving to a rural property is always a bad idea, but there are a lot of things people don’t tell you. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet away from the noise and pollution of the city, you’ll find it there. Just be aware that there are a lot of modern conveniences that you take for granted that you won’t have easy access to once you’ve moved out of the city.


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