The Crafty Tools Every Family Should Have

Crafting with children is not only a wonderful way to spend time with them, but it can help them to improve their fine motor skills and increase their creativity too. Put simply, if you aren’t already crafting with your kids, then you should be!


Of course, in order to get your family craft thing on, you’re going to need supplies. Here are the most important tools of the craft (of crafting) that every family should have…



Crayons, Markers and Pencils

If you have a decent set of crayons, markers and pencils, then you and your kids can start creating some colorful pieces of art in an instant. Just make sure you have plenty of paper too, or you might find an unwanted addition to your freshly painted walls!



Speaking of paper, as well as buying blank paper for creating drawings and paintings, you should always have a stock of construction paper for making models, origami paper, not only for origami but also decoration and cardstock for making gift cards and sturdier projects.



Paint is messy, but it is probably the best medium for expressing oneself that there is, which means it’s pretty essential for any family of crafters.



Paint Brushes

If you have paint, then it’s pretty simple – you need paint brushes too. Obviously, fingerpainting is a possibility, but there are limits to what can be done, and it is messy! It’s only really one for the toddlers!


A Sewing Set

If you have older children, then a sewing set, which includes a pair of the best sewing scissors, a thimble and needles and thread of various sizes, is a must. They’ll love customizing their clothing, making repairs and experimenting with soft furnishings. If they enjoy that, then it might be worth investing in a decent sewing machine so they can really get creative, too.




Many of the best crafts require glue, whether it be glue dots, glue sticks or hot glue from a gun. Glue can be used for sticking everything from paper models to fabric, making it essential.


On the subject of glue, if you’re a serious crafter, investing in a set of Mod Podge, which will allow you to stick fabric on fabric, paper on your shoes and make all manner of other interesting mods, is also an essential.


Kid Friendly Scissors

If you’re crafting with little ones, you need to have a pair of childproof scissors that they can use to have fun without the worry that they’ll do themselves any serious damage.


Washi Tape

Washi tape is colored and patterned tape, based on origami paper, that can be stuck onto cards, walls, doors, and well just about everything to create interesting impermanent styles. It’s great for decorating kids’ rooms in a cool way that can be changed as they grow.




Every crafty family should have a stash of fabric that they can use to make bunting, customize clothing, sew cushions and make quilts. You know it makes sense!


With just these essentials, you can create all manner of cool stuff and have wholesome fun as a family!


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