A Crafty Wedding: Using Your Craft Skills On Your Big Day

Weddings are a funny thing. They are one of the most universal things in the world, yet also one of the most personal. Most people have been to at least a few weddings in their lifetime and it’s likely that they all had some element of tradition. But often, the larger aspects are not what people remember. The wedding gown, venue, and ceremony may all have been beautiful. But what sticks in the mind over time is usually the details. Subtle differences that made each event stand out from the others. Weddings tend to follow a pretty standard formula. Classical tradition can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be difficult to allow your personality to shine. If you’re fortunate enough to have skill with crafts or at least the desire to learn, your wedding day is a great opportunity to shine. Craft work can not only help keep the cost down, but it can also add a high level of detail and personalization that many weddings lack. If you want to get crafty on your wedding day, read on for inspiration!



Place Setting and Catering

Weddings can be all day long and into the night, so catering for your guests is an important consideration. If you’re looking for a way to add detail to the decor, the catering provides a great chance to do so. You can fashion your own place keepers for the guests with cards, cloth, or even photographs. You can design and decorate your own menu. If you’re into fonts or calligraphy, why not write the name of each dish and a short description to help guests select from a buffet, for example? If you’re known for your craft skills, this can be one way to really make your wedding day your own.



In a new venue or when your guests have had to travel, signs and directions can be very helpful. They can be included along with the invitation or even dotted along the road leading to the venue. A chalkboard with beautiful writing and a helpful directional arrow can be an eye-catching way to welcome your guests. It will also make a wonderful keepsake or photograph to remember the day. If you haven’t got guaranteed dry weather, look at purchasing a vinyl cutting machine – check out the reviews at www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com so that they are more weatherproof.


The Invitations

Your invitations are a wonderful opportunity to use your craft skills and make the day your own. If you have a large guest list, it can be practical to select professional wedding invitations. But you can still add extra detail or craftwork, even to the envelopes. Stamping or sealing in a creative way such as with wax is a very underused art. It can add an air of mystery and glamour to the invitation and makes receiving one a genuine pleasure.


The Photo Album

Once the wedding day itself is over, you can still continue crafting! Receiving photographs from the day can be an amazingly exciting and rewarding aspect. Many couples report that it’s almost as if having the day all over again. Don’t hesitate to find an album you love and decorate it with details from the day. It can be overheard words or pieces of advice written in beautiful fonts. It can be some confetti from the day or an old invitation. Craft flowers, fabrics, and other details can add layers and dimension to the album. It can be an ongoing project and one you’ll treasure forever.