Strapped For Cash? Create A Side Hustle

If you are strapped for cash you could consider developing a side hustle alongside your current job in order to create an income stream. If you own a computer and have a reliable internet connection you have many ways at your fingertips of making money. You can now communicate with people on a global scale in order to network and offer your services in your area of expertise. Communication is now pretty much instant, gone are the days when you needed to write a letter or make a long distance phone call in order to chat with someone on the other side of the world! Email, skype, text, webinars and conference calling is accessible at the touch of a button. If you have a particular skill or you are an expert in an area that people want to tap into, you could find yourself freelancing for clients all over the world.   


It is important to check out the authenticity of any opportunities available, there are many scams out there, all offering “get rich quick” schemes. If an opportunity sounds too good to be true – it will be! There are so many opportunities available, it would be difficult to list them all in one article. If your side hustle becomes a success you may make a career from it in the future. As you will be working from home, rather than using your home address you could consider employing the advantage of having a virtual address, such as those offered by Having a virtual address will allow you to monitor your mail on a virtual basis, which is so much more convenient than having a PO box.


Here are some side hustles that you could consider. Many of them really make your computer “work for you”. There is money to be made from the comfort of your sofa!



Freelance writer

If you enjoy writing and you are able to put together interesting and informative articles, becoming a freelance writer may be a good side hustle for you. When you stop to consider how much “written word” is out there in cyberland you become aware that someone needs to write it in the first place! There are many freelance writing opportunities available, do a google search and you are likely to be inundated with options! Check out reviews and be wary of low paying jobs. As your experience grows you will be able to put together a portfolio of work in order to attract more work.


Become a reseller

If you have ever had any success on auction sites selling unwanted items you will be aware that you can make a substantial amount of cash. People are prepared to pay money for almost anything and if you use an auction site such as ebay you have a huge audience of potential buyers.


Once you have sold all of your own unwanted items, you may wish to take your selling experience to the next level by becoming a reseller. Resellers source stock cheaply in order to sell on at a profit. Stock sources could be from car boot sales, charity shops, auction sites and websites. You will soon develop a keen “eye” as to what sells and what doesn’t. Ensure you get your pricing strategy right and package items carefully.  


Online tutor

This is the ideal side hustle for teachers or university students. Parents are constantly on the lookout for suitably qualified people to tutor their child. If you choose to tutor online you will eliminate the costs associated with travel and you will be able to connect with students on a global basis.


Start a blog

Bloggers receive income in a variety of ways. If a blogger builds up a large following and a high DA brands are prepared to pay bloggers to review products. Bloggers can also make an income from collaborative and sponsored posts. Affiliate links are also another stream of income. It is relatively easy to start a blog by using a platform such as WordPress or Blogger, the hard part is ensuring that you post interesting content regularly and remain active on social media platforms.  


Go freelance

It may be possible to go freelance in your current job. For example if you work in IT during the day, you could offer your services as a web designer in the evenings on a freelance basis. Hobbies can also be a source of income. If you have a skill for baking celebration cakes, flower arranging or arts and crafts, get your products “out there” and make some cash!


Don’t procrastinate, draw up a list of your skills and make some money.


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