Diving Into The Creative Mind Of Your Child

Every single parent out there wants their child to be somebody who matters to the world. When you get pregnant, you build castles in the sky and imagine a whole world for the children who are currently colouring in or building with Lego. No parent wants to hover or push a child too much so that they hate what they’re learning, but we all gently nudge them toward different things in the hopes of unlocking a passion, of harnessing creativity.



Creativity isn’t like math; it cannot be taught or controlled. You can spend time with your children on websites like https://www.mathsquirrel.com/fraction-calculator/ to help them to learn how math can be wonderful, but there are rarely websites that teach children how to be passionate. When left to think, children are able to develop a love for things that they are passionate about – be it pottery, painting or writing. If you want to harness that passion and teach your children to capitalise on their creativity, you have to follow these simple rules:


Back Off

Creativity, as mentioned, cannot be pushed or taught. This means you have to let them find what they love and then watch from a distance. It’ll go against every instinct you have as a parent, but if you push and pressure your child into an activity, they will lose their love for it and all you will have succeeded in doing is stunting that love. Provide the right environment and tools for their chosen subject, then watch and wait from a distance.


Be Serious

If your child wants to follow a dream, you have to help them stay on track. It’s a delicate balance between teaching them to take it seriously and taking the fun out of it. Teach your child how to practice their craft and stay diligent about honing it. It is up to us as parents to teach our children the importance of taking their hobby seriously so they can make something of it.


Make Time

If there’s one thing that you should always invest in your children, it’s time. Time in their hobbies, time in their education and time to keep them disciplined in their craft. You don’t have to structure every minute of the day, but you do need to take the time out of the day for fun things as well as learning. Make time for their hobbies and you’d be surprised at how far they will take them.


Originality Means More

Your child is a font of imagination, creativity and fun. Sometimes being creative doesn’t mean being the best and you know what? That’s totally okay. Creativity comes in so many forms and colouring within the lines isn’t always the best way to look creative. Listen to the singing, even when the tune isn’t quite right and be proud of them anyway. Their originality is so much better than being brilliant.



Creativity is lacking in a world full of ugly things. Capitalise on the imaginations of your children and you could see stars in their eyes.


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