Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun: Creative Hobbies To Try


If you work a formal job, chances are you don’t get too many opportunities day to day to be creative. Which is a shame because using your creativity can keep your mind sharp, allow you to be productive and have fun too. It’s a fantastic outlet, and allows you to produce things that you can really be proud of. If you’re looking for ways you can be more creative, whether it’s something simple in the evenings after work or at the weekends, here are a few hobbies to consider.!



Writing can be very cathartic, and there are lots of ways you can write as a hobby. You could start a novel or a short story and draft up some fiction. You could write an instructional ebook and sell it on Amazon. You could write poetry, a journal or start a blog. The more you write the better you will get, it will help you to find your ‘voice’ when it comes to the written word.




Learning a musical instrument is beneficial to your life in many ways. It can teach you discipline, it can improve your memory, spatial reasoning- even your language skills and IQ! This is because learning an instrument changes the way that your brain works. For the piano, you could search ‘Chatalbash piano lessons near me’ and see what’s available. It could be the guitar, violin, drums or any other instrument you’ve always wanted to learn. If you’re already a skilled musician, you could look online for local bands that need members, it gives you people to practice with and you could even perform your live music at local venues. If you love music but an instrument isn’t for you, how about writing music and creating tracks using computer software.



There are lots of different mediums when it comes to art, allowing you to let your artistic talent flow. You could sketch, paint, use charcoal, printing, spray art, wax art and so much more. You could buy a starter set of the equipment you will need, or you could attend an art class first. This allows you to have a go at different techniques to see which you like best and which supplies to invest in to use yourself. There are all kinds of digital things you can do when it comes to art these days too. You could use Adobe Illustrator to create clip art designs, or draw them directly onto your screen using a graphics tablet or an iPad. You could play around with fonts and text using Photoshop or even scan drawings onto the computer and edit them online.




Baking is something that’s very precise it’s more like a science meaning it can be difficult to adapt recipes and be creative. However in cooking you have much more freedom, one you understand the general rules of balancing flavours and understanding which ingredients work well together, you can create and adapt recipes to your heart’s content. Try out dishes with different herbs and spices, different cuisines from across the world and switching up old family favorites.


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