How To Cut Back On Alcohol in 2019

They tried the prohibition of alcohol, and it didn’t work; they had to bring it back not long after the law was enacted, because it just wasn’t feasible to enforce. It turned out people liked alcohol much more than people realized. And overall, this was a good move – it’s a drug that allows people to unwind and be social. But while the effects of alcohol might be positive in some circumstances, there are some when it’s definitely problematic, such as when you’re drinking too much. If you’re going to make 2019 the year in which you cut back on alcohol, then take a read of some essential tips below.



Tell Friends and Family

It turns out that human willpower isn’t all that strong. Telling yourself to do or not do something isn’t going to make you stick to your vow; after all, it’s only one side of your brain talking with another. If you want to give up something, then it’s best if you’re held accountable. So if you’re going to go alcohol-free, then tell your friends and family. You’ll be more likely to succeed if you have someone asking how it’s going and so on. Plus, most alcohol drinking comes from socializing anyway, so if they know you’re off the wine for a while (or only having a glass), then they won’t be tempting you all the time.


Alcohol-Free Options

It’s not very inviting, the idea of going to a bar and ordering a glass of water. You’d rather stay at home. But socializing is good for us, as we all understand, so you’ll want to get out there. But you don’t need to torture yourself with glass after glass of tasteless water. Alcohol-free beer and wine can taste more or less the same as the real stuff, so give that a go, or try your hand at making one of the delicious alcohol-free cocktails available online.


Beware the False Friends

It’s important to be smart when it comes to giving up alcohol. It won’t be a good move if you just replace one vice with another vice. Some people who have been drinking heavily are prescribed benzodiazepines to help with the alcohol withdrawal process, but this can lead to issues of its own. Because they’re so addictive, people sometimes need to spend time in a center that specializes in benzo detox recovery. The idea is to purify your system, not just change the pollutant.


Try a New Hobby

One of the reasons why people drink so much is because, well, there’s nothing else to do. But of course, this isn’t true – there are millions of things to do. It’s just the person doing the drinking isn’t doing them. So if you’re going to cut down on your drinking, don’t just sit there and twiddle your thumbs: take proactive steps so that boredom isn’t setting in. It’ll help you get through the first couple of weeks, after which you’ll begin to feel the benefits of your reduced alcohol intake.