Date Nights at Home


When a relationship is new, there is a passion there that is constantly burning.  Once kids enter the picture though, keeping the romance alive can sometimes be a difficult thing.  You fall into a routine – work, housework, homework, dinner, cleaning, bedtime routines, and then you simply crash because you’re physically exhausted.  Finding time to have that quality, one on one time with your spouse often gets pushed to the back burner.  Making time for date nights is super important for keeping a healthy relationship going.

I know the excuses.  Trust me – I’ve used them all before.  Going out can be expensive, and money doesn’t grow on trees.  There isn’t a babysitter willing to watch the kids.  No matter what excuse you’ve made up in your head, there are always ways around them all.  We live on a very tight budget, and don’t really have a steady babysitter, so we’ve learned to improvise. We’ve learned to do things at home, after the kids have been sent to bed. Honestly, I love the date night ideas that we’ve found over the years, and I think you will to!



Go Living Room Camping

If you’ve got the space, setup a tent.  If not, blow up an air mattress, fold our your sleeper sofa or simply create a blanket mattress and relax in the living room.  Tell scary stores – using the spooky face flashlight trick, of course.  If you’ve got a gas stove or fireplace or even a lighter, roast some marshmallows and make some s’mores.  There’s no electricity or cell service out in the camping woods, so be sure to leave all electronic devices in the off position.


Star Gazing

Take your blankets to the back yard and spread out.  Which constellations can you find?  Don’t know any constellations?  Don’t worry, I don’t either!  Make some up!  Tell the story of the great octopus in the sky, and why it is there.  Spend quality time together, snuggling under the stars.


Taste Test Challenge

Combine this with your picnic, or do it alone.  Create a collection of random foods – peanut butter, hot dogs, blueberries, apple pie, sugar cookies, carrots – whatever your heart desires.  Take turns wearing the blindfold and guessing what it is you’re being fed.  Be nice, with foods you know they love, or be a sneaky little devil with a food you know they don’t.  This is a great way to build trust with this fun exercise.


Tasting Night

Love cheese?  Why not try several different cheeses?  Make it a tasting night of the food of the evening.  Cheese, wine, chocolate, ice cream – whatever your heart desires.  Do different brands taste differently?  Which type of cheese is your favorite?  Spend the evening chatting while discovering all the different varieties of the food of choice.  Whether you let them know what they’re tasting at the time, or make it a surprise challenge (which do you like better A or B) you’ll enjoy it!


Chopped Challenge

Have you seen the show Chopped?  They get these baskets filled with random ingredients and they have to create a meal out of them.  I’m amazed at what the chefs on there can create!  Have a child or friend pack up your baskets for you before hand, and when the date begins, see what you can make from your baskets ingredients.  Whose dish was more successful?  Eat them when you’re finished to find out who will be Chopped!


Elegant Candlelight Dinner

Pull out your fancy clothes and have a candlelight dinner.  You don’t have to leave the house and pay a hundred bucks for this!  You can do it in the comfort of your own dinning room table.  Enjoy a fancy meal, or pizza, or whatever your heart desires.  Just do so in the romantic glow of the candlelight wearing your most amazing outfit you could create.



Get out the oil and give each other a full body massage.  This works not only as a bonding experience for the two of you, but it can also help relax away the stress of the craziness that is your life.  You can play some quiet, relaxing music and pretend to be in a fancy spa.


Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn, snuggle on the couch and enjoy the show!  Create a theme for the evening – Harry Potter Movies, Julia Roberts movies, Black and White Classics – and watch as many as you can keep your eyes open for.


Video Game Challenge

Sometimes, the best way to reignite the passion, is to whomp them in some good old video games.  Find something you can play together, or better yet against each other, and let your competitive nature run free.  Just remember not to be a sore loser or a braggy winner.



Hop on youtube and find some karaoke tunes that you can sing along with.  Pretend to be a world famous singer and just have fun with it.  Dance around the living room and enjoy the party build just for you two.  Just be careful not to be too loud as you don’t want to wake those sleeping little angels.



Whether you host it indoors or out, a picnic is always a win.  Throw down a blanket, unpack the basket, and enjoy a meal together on the ground.  Talk about your day, or watch funny videos of cats riding on roombas.  Perhaps even watch a movie or play a game while you eat.


Paint a Picture

Get out those art supplies and get crafty.  Design something for your home that you can proudly display when completed.  Even if your art skill aren’t up to par, laughing at the failures abstract masterpieces will provide for a fun evening as well!


No matter what you choose to do, the important thing is that you set aside time to bond with your husband.  Don’t let the stresses and worries and responsibilities of life snuff out the flame of passion that was once there.  It doesn’t have to cost anything or be this whole huge fancy ordeal.  Simply spend time together, doing whatever it is that you guys love to do.


What types of dates are your favorites?

Do you have any creative suggestions for us to try?

Share your fun date ideas below!


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