Dealing With Dust – Advice For A Sneeze-Free Home Life

A surprising number of people live with an allergy to dust and dust mites these days. This has been a very tricky allergy for people to deal with as there are very few ways you can completely remove every single speck of dust from a home. As a result, sufferers often find that they cough and splutter most days, even after extensive cleaning in their home.


Have you been looking for some other ways you can alleviate your dust allergy symptoms? Here are some of the things that the latest research shows might be a big help to all sufferers.



Let There Be Light

Science has shown that lots of sunlight can successfully kill dust mites. So, whenever possible, you should open up your curtains as much as possible to let all the sunlight flood into your rooms. When you wash your bedding, you should also hang it outside to dry if the weather permits. That way, the sun can get to the bed sheets and duvet covers and kill any dust mites that might have survived a cycle in the washing machine!


Use Microfiber Cloths

When you do dust and clean your home, you need to make sure that you are being as effective as possible. And that means using the best equipment and cleaning items out there. If you aren’t already cleaning with microfiber cloths, then you should be. It’s also worth investing in a Vacuum Top microfiber mop as well so that you can use these useful fibers on your floors. Microfibers easily pick up all kinds of debris and sediment from surfaces and floors and can really help you remove as many dust mites as possible.


Keep Humidity Low

Dust mites thrive in a humid environment, so it’s useful to try and keep your rooms as free from humid and moisture as possible. Ideally, you should try and keep the humidity levels in your home under 40%. Under this percentage, and the mites will be more likely to die. If you struggle with high humidity levels, it’s really worth investing in a dehumidifier. Not only will this resolve any problems your property has been having with mold and damp, but it should also help cut down on the number of dust mites you share your home with!



Wash And Freeze Soft Toys

If your kids have a dust allergy then you will find that their soft toys can often cause some major problems. These can easily amass a lot of dust on the surface which isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Not only that, though, but the stuffing inside makes the perfect home for dust mites. To try and solve this problem, you should wash the soft toys as often as possible. Freezing the toys every couple of weeks is also a great way of killing any dust mites that might be living inside them.


A dust allergy doesn’t have to be a major problem for your homelife – the above tips can really help you improve things in the home!


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