Dealing With A Smile Of Self-Consciousness

It’s within all of us to worry about how we look and how we should present ourselves to the rest of the world. Even though it may not be true, we constantly think that our looks will be judged by onlookers and therefore we have to do everything we can to fit in. This is especially difficult to do when you have a problem with your teeth. Teeth, after all, are bone, and once they are set in their ways of structure in the gums, it’s very difficult to alter how the look and feel and sometimes teeth whitening kits may need to be purchased.  During the time when they are beginning to protrude out slowly, this is the best time to make sure you’re caring for your new sprouts as the oral hygiene and physical interaction are of the utmost importance. The smile we possess is one of the most used forms of communication, so if there’s something we don’t like about it, we take it as a personal measure to correct this.  Take a look at 10 of the best teeth whiteners you can get on amazon at Top9Rated today.



Natural and commercial whitening

White teeth are in fact difficult to achieve. Once the enamel wears off, which is the protective layer on top, the layers underneath are naturally a little yellow to beige. This means that if we’re not careful with the sugary drinks like sodas, and the acidic fruits like oranges, we can wear away the protective layer, which won’t come back. Whitening the teeth through natural means is just good upkeep. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, and floss the same amount, preferably right after the other. Washing your teeth with salt and baking soda can also bring out the sheen of whiteness in your teeth. Otherwise, there are of course teeth whitening kits that give you the option of having periods of white tones to your teeth. However these do not protect your teeth, nor do they provide a permanent solution.



Crooked or chipped fixing

Sometimes there’s just no other way than to fix your teeth by the hands of an expert. If your teeth are crooked or perhaps they are chipped in one spot, there’s not much that can be done through natural means. For cosmetic dentistry, you should look at professionals such as which offer individuals the chance to fix their teeth with modern techniques that revolve around fixing the aesthetics of the mouth, teeth, and gums. You can choose from dental bonding that works to fix parts of the tooth that are missing, seamlessly making the affected area look natural, and most other things in between from a complete smile makeover. This kind of expert work can plant back in you, the confidence you have been craving to go out into the world and not be afraid to laugh or smile in public.


Dealing with self-consciousness every day can be exhausting on the mind as you cannot be yourself. Your smile is a very personal thing that we all find ourselves becoming attached to as it’s our natural look. There are completely natural ways to make your teeth look great, but for other problems, the techniques of experts are the only realistic remedy.



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