Declutter Your Life

Clutter is something which can make many of us stressed, feel fatigued and unable to work productively. It can weigh us down and is sometime difficult to get around. To avoid clutter in your life affecting the way you live, you need to try and clear your workspace, home and even your mind.




It is a known fact that people work more productively if their work area is clear of mess and disorder. We have tendency to hoard items in our desk drawers, organisers and even in piles on the workspace, but it is just not going to help us stay focused and concentrate on our work.

Begin your clear out with your desk. Take everything out of your drawers, assess what you need and what you don’t and then put everything you need back in and throw the rest. On top of the surface of your desk-  you will want to go through piles of paper and split them into categories. If you are working on multiple projects then the projects will be your categories. Invest in some colourful folders and file away ALL of your loose paper. Even if you need some of the paperwork now, file it away to create new habits for yourself. It will prevent you from clogging up your deskspace with paper again.


Next, tackle your computer. File all of your documents, put them into folders and keep your desktop free of folders and media. It will make your days much more productive because finding the files you need will be much easier.



At home, we want to be able to create a relaxing atmosphere in the place we spend most of our time outside the workplace. Having a house full of clutter and mess will make us stressed. This is why we need to be able to get rid of unwanted boxes, ornaments and general mess, and recycle or dump the things we no longer need.


Start off in the room you use the most. For many, this will be the living room. Clear anything off the floor, move around excess ornaments, and clear your drawers. Start putting things into piles of keeping, charity, and tip. You can then put back everything you want to keep, take things to the charity shop and phone Same-Day Rubbish Removal to get rid of everything else. Work like this in each room to declutter and create a much more open space.



Your Life

It may sound a bit strange to ‘declutter your life’, because you won’t be just throwing everything into the rubbish and recycling, but actually it can do wonders for our self-esteem and stress levels. The first thing you will want to look at is your social commitments and hobbies. If you go to the gym 4 times a week, meet up with your friends once a week, and then volunteer every other weekend… what time do you leave for yourself and your loved ones? Think about reducing the number of things you have to do each week by half, and spend the rest of your time at home with your family.


Stop procrastinating. The worst thing you can do for your confidence and happiness is to stop letting the smallest tasks mount up and snowball into a mountain of stuff which you then stress over and never complete. It can affect your mental health and also make you feel boxed in and fatigued.


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