Your Decor, An Extension Of Yourself

If you’re the kind of person who loves to follow the imaginative work of Instastars and Pinterest aficionados, you have probably stumbled upon a handful of decor principles. From embracing a Feng Shui approach – or the lesser known Vastu Shastra, which is the Indian equivalent of the Chinese philosophy; equivalent means here that the two schools of thought share a lot in terms of harmonizing the energy and the living space – to establishing a great throwaway gathering as a result of your decluttering / minimalist / modernist decor initiative, it’s fair to say that you’ll always find online guidance and tutorial materials on how to decorate your interior. So, it could feel disappointing, to say the least, when the result of your hard work means a beautiful decor that doesn’t feel like home. And there you are, scratching your head and wondering aloud what went wrong.

Nothing did.

You followed the instructions perfectly. To the letter.

And that is exactly your problem.

You designed someone else’s ideal home. Your decor, you see, acts as a reflection of your personality. If you don’t recognize yourself in the design of your home interior, then it could just as well be someone else’s home.

Wait a minute, you ask, does it mean I shouldn’t look for inspiration?

Of course not! Inspiration is a great thing to have. But you need to make room to add your personal touch.



Can you start from scratch?

If you’re still in the buying property process, you’re in luck, because you can genuinely start directly from scratch in every empty room. It’s the perfect canvas to find out your style – which, let’s be honest, can be difficult to determine when you are a tenant and have to follow the no alteration rule – and give each room its personality. Admittedly, for anyone else who already is a homeowner, there’s no need to go back to your real estate agent and look for the next property. You don’t need a new address to create a decor that works as an extension of yourself. What you need is a place you can call home, however big or small it is, whether it’s a countryside cottage or an urban apartment.You need a place where you can find yourself.


Homeowners need to say their goodbyes

If you’ve been living in your home for a few years, you will need some extra work to make the blank canvas of your creativity come to life. Don’t worry, though, the canvas is still there, ready to receive your ideas. It’s just temporarily hidden under the old furniture and the junk accumulated over the year. To find it, you need to embrace one of the hottest trends of the Millennial generation: You have to declutter. In other words, your battered sofa and old chairs need to be removed. Additionally, it’s also time to check the paint on your walls. Some areas show signs of tear and wear within a couple of years. If you haven’t painted your hallway, bathroom or kitchen in over 3 years, it’s time to start fresh again.


Don’t know where to start? No panic

Where can you find inspiration? There are, thankfully, a lot of influencers around, on your favorite social media platforms, from Instagram to Pinterest. However, as you might find some interesting ideas it’s important to maintain your creativity and originality. An influencer can inspire you, but ultimately, these guys work for the picture and the likes. As a result, they may avoid certain colors, shapes and light effects. The bottom line is that just you should take their decor with a pinch of salt. They are building an online reputation, not a home sweet home.


Defining what you like

It might sound like a simple thing to say, but not many people actually know what they like when it comes to interior decor. For most homeowners, the decor is a gradual evolution of pragmatic decisions, gifts, old repurposed items, and handy, mass-produced furniture. So it can be difficult to explain what your interior style is, especially if you’ve been following the practical principle of “if it fits, it stays”. What’s a decor but something that fills up the room? Thankfully Laurel and Wolf have provided an easy style quiz that gives you an overview of designs and ambiences. It’s easier to know what works for your personality then.  Are you a minimalist? A bohemian enthusiast? An adventurous countryman? Let’s be honest; it’s hard to know when all you’ve been worried about so far was to live in your home. Make a list of your tastes, spend some time visiting your friends and relatives to grab some useful ideas on how real homes show their personalities.


Planning for your decor

If you’ve never planned a full-on room decoration before, you’ve probably never measured a room before either. Make sure to create a small-scale model of each room. You will have to mark the windows, doors and electrical sockets, as they will define where your furniture should go. Additionally, doing this might seem like a waste of time, but ultimately you can explore many possibilities until you make your final decision. In the long run, you’ll find that the better you plan, the easier the decoration stage will be. The trial phase is essential in finding out what works and what doesn’t. And you can also extend your trials to sample paint pots, to decide on the best color combination.



Why it has to be you

For most decor projects, you should be the one in charge of creating the interior feel. That’s why a decor project is different from home renovation or improvement works which may require specialist knowledge. The main reason why you need to be the one holding the paintbrush is to ensure that your personality reflects on the decor. The mistakes of the past, from kitsch photos with college friends to plastic furniture, can now disappear to make room for the new you. After all, as life changes people, it’s only natural to adjust your home interior.


Whether you’re about to buy an empty house or you’ve been a homeowner for years, your decor is an extension of yourself. Design it carefully.


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