Ideas for Decoration Perfection

So you’ve got the home of your dreams, but something still feels off. You look around, and you see the furniture just where you want it, you’ve got the kids running around and having a good time, just like they should, and there is the smell of a home-cooked meal drifting from the kitchen, just as it should be.


So what is missing? Maybe it is something to do with the ambiance of the home. Maybe, despite everything else being perfect, your decoration might just not feel entirely you. Sure, there are pieces of art hung on the walls that can be found at most wholesale retailers, there is probably a couple of family portraits or your wedding photo on display. But still, there seems to be something missing.


A home never really feels like it is yours until you have added your personal touch to it. For some people, this can take years as they are still figuring out who they are. Home decoration might go through a lot of stages, and what you thought was you when you moved in may not be so true now.  




If you are someone who has seen a lot of the world, then showing off all the places you have been doesn’t have to be confined to social media. Creating canvas prints of your favorite places in the world – even if those places are just out and about your town – can help you remember why you love the world as much as you do.


Of course, it doesn’t need to be places you have seen and been. Selecting some of the most beautiful landscapes across the planet will help provide your home with an international feel and also one of expanse. These could also always be places you have dreamed of going, and so if you ever make it there, you can replace such premade photos with ones that you took yourself.


In fact, if you want to go further than the confines of the earth, websites such as NASA have hundreds of incredible photos of outer space, including some from the surface of other celestial bodies, such as the moon, Titan, and Mars to give your walls an interstellar feel.



Getting in a professional painter and decorator may seem like an expensive outlay of cash, but paint is expensive anyway, so why not just pay a little more to ensure that you get the advice and the colour scheme right and done by someone who has been doing this their whole working life.


Companies such as Rise Painting offer professional decoration anywhere on the property, check it out by following that link. Furthermore, their advice will allow you to consider different ways to decorate the house. If you have young children, or a child on the way, then customizing their bedroom with stencils and prints will make it feel like they are in a Disney movie or their favorite comic book.



Adding a splash of your personality to the house will make it seem much more like home. This sort of personality can be anything that you love. If you are a dog lover, then pictures of your dog, are perfect to hang around. Furthermore, you can dedicate parts of the home as your very own ‘me space’, a station for all of your crafting and creative needs.


Alternatively, little quirks or perhaps inside jokes between your family can be stationed around the floor space. Perhaps you’ve done a lot of travelling and brought back many souvenirs. Dedicating a shelf unit in the dining room or hallways where you can fill it with the travelling trinkets is a perfect way of showing off your personality, as well as being an excellent conversation piece for any new guests who swing by.



Showing off what you love is an excellent way of bringing some extra vigour to your home. While it may at first seem narcissistic to hang your own artwork around the house, it might inspire guests to inquire who made it, and then you can show off just how talented you are.


But it doesn’t just have to be artwork – we’re not all fantastic painters, after all. Choosing to decorate your home with whatever you like; whether it be sport, reading, knitting, or animals, is a perfect solution to showing off your passions.


And your passions are what make you unique. Too many houses look so similar because all of the furniture and decor have been purchased from IKEA or a similar shop. Filling your home with all the weird and wonderful things you love will give your home a spark of creativity that is sorely lacking in so many modern homes.



The people you love, the people you admire, the people you aspire to be like. The world is full of people of all colours, creeds, and circumstances. Most people fill their homes with pictures of their families; their children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, and other ancestors.


Family photos are an excellent way of having records of amazing family vacations. They show the progression of growth, and you can witness your family grow older all across the walls and along windowsills and fireplaces. They can inspire discussion over who is doing what now and demonstrate how successful everyone in your family has been, from winning sports events to your child’s graduation.



Striking the right balance between humble decor and overly garish splatterings across the walls isn’t rocket science, but you need to consider the atmosphere of your home. Getting that perfection right with everything else inside the home takes time, but once you get it right, you will just know.


You will be able to welcome people into your home without worrying about whether or not something looks out of place as by that point you probably won’t care what anybody else thinks. This is a home that you have poured your energy into towards making it the home of your dreams, and no one can take that away from you. Following this, you will be able to relax and take in the decoration perfection of your home as you have always wanted.


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