5 Dental Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention

Dental health is something that you should not ignore at any cost. From cavities to toothache, bleeding gums, broken teeth and more, these problems can give you extreme pain and sleepless nights. While most issues require attention sooner or later, there are some that need to be addressed as quickly as possible. It is important, therefore, to know about such dental emergencies so that you get quick help before something worse happens.  Let us list some dental emergencies that warrant an immediate visit to a specialist.



Broken or fractured teeth

Never treat broken or fractured teeth lightly because they can cause several complications if not treated well in time. It is recommended that you handle the broken tooth by the crown and not the root while you rush to the clinic for treatment. Road accidents fall and physical violence in some cases when you may experience this problem. Even if you have more injuries, be sure to see a dentist sooner rather than later.


Profuse bleeding that won’t stop

If you experience profuse bleeding from your teeth or gums, the best thing to do is to reach out to an expert. This becomes all the more important if you fail to establish the cause of bleeding and it does not seem to stop even after rinsing your mouth several times. A dental professional will be able to detect the cause of bleeding and stop it quickly as well.


Severe toothache

Another dental emergency that needs to be addressed fast is severe toothache that does not seem to lessen despite taking painkillers and trying home remedies. Constant pain is an indication of a serious problem. Instead of waiting for the pain to become unbearable, search for a good dentist near you and check the timings on his website. Most dentists mention their availability during emergencies on their websites.


Swollen gums

The pain you experience may be originating from the gums rather than the teeth. If you have areas of swollen gums accompanied by throbbing pain, an emergency visit to a dentist is the best thing to do. The cause may vary from inflammation or infection in the gum tissue to a problem with a tooth root. Only a professional will be able to address such complications because the cause lies deeper within.


Lost filling or crown

When a filling or dental crown falls out, the problem is serious enough to be considered as an emergency because a damaged tooth is exposed. Visiting a dentist immediately and having the problem resolved gives you a good chance of saving your tooth in the long run. Waiting is not recommended because you may end up with serious damage to the already damaged tooth.


Dental treatment is something that needs to be taken seriously, even more, if you come across such emergencies. Discuss them with your specialists during routine visits so that they can guide you about handling them. Also, ask them how you can connect with them in situations when it is not feasible to wait for waiting for an appointment.