Designing A Beautiful Toddler Bedroom For Your Little One

Your little one has started to grow up and is now ready for a new bedroom fit for a little prince or a little princess. They’ve reached that stage where they’ve outgrown their nursery and are ready for a slightly more grown-up bedroom. Obviously, you want to create a space that will grow with them, so that you are constantly changing the decor and furniture. Of course, the question is, how can you go about doing this?



Opt for hard flooring

First things first, toddlers make a lot of mess, which is why carpet is a big no-no for a toddler bedroom. Instead, swap the carpet for hard flooring – the cheapest options are vinyl or laminate – and add a few rugs for an added sense of comfort.


While hard flooring might be more expensive than carpet, it tends to last far better and stands the test of time far more effectively, which is what makes it worth the extra cost. Plus, hard flooring is much quicker and easier to clean.


Add an accent wall

To add a sense of style to the space, add an accent wall. Instead of painting the entire room one shade, keep three walls neutral and one add colour to. Instead of using a bright shade for this, it’s probably best to incorporate a pastel hue to create a room that feels more relaxing and calm.


For a patterned accent wall, you could opt to use stencils or you could wallpaper the wall – the route that you choose to go down is up to you. There are plenty of options to choose from, so whatever style of room you want to create, you are sure to be able to find the perfect type of wallpaper to do that.


Use accessories to add personality

For a bedroom that grows with your child, it’s best to use accessories to add personality to the space, as that way it will be far easier to update as and when you need to do so. This helps to make it cheaper to keep your child’s bedroom a space that they love and enjoy spending time in.


The best accessories to use are your children’s toys, so for instance for a girly room, adding a wooden dolls house, could work well as a form of decor. For a boy’s room, adding a wooden pirate ship, garage or farm could work well.


Things like bunting, ornaments, matching bedding, lampshades and other features can also work well. When it comes to creating a space with a certain style to it, it’s all about the little things. Not sure what decor your child would like? Why not ask them? Even toddlers have their own personal tastes, so if you’re unsure about what your little one would like their bedroom to be like, ask them.


There you have it, everything that you need to know about creating a beautiful toddler’s bedroom that your little one will love.