Small Details You Can Easily Miss When Selling Your Home

When you’re selling your house you’re asking the buyer to part with a lot of money so they’ll take a lot of convincing. Even the tiniest of details can put them off or affect the price that they’re willing to pay. There are all the obvious things that you need to sort out like making sure the house is clean, everything works properly and it’s nicely decorated but there are plenty of smaller details that can easily be overlooked when you’re showing people around and even if you don’t think they make a big difference, they often do. If you’re struggling to get people to put offers in, have you considered these things?




You probably didn’t consider the temperature of the house when you’re trying to sell it, it’s not like they’ll be stuck at that temperature when they move in after all. The thing is, the temperature in the house will have a big impact on their feelings about it, even though they might not realize it. If it’s freezing cold in there, it won’t feel comfortable and homely and they won’t think of it as a house that they could see themselves living in. Equally, if it’s too hot, they’ll feel stifled and it can make the house feel a lot smaller and less comfortable than it is. Make sure that you adjust the thermostat and get a good middle ground that pleases everybody.

The Garden

People often tend to put less effort into sorting out the garden than they do the house but it’s not sensible to leave the garden in a state. Having a nice garden could make your home more sellable! For a start, it’s the first thing that the buyer will see when they pull up to the house so their overall impression of the place will be clouded by that first bad impression. If the garden is a mess, it also suggests that you don’t take good care of the place and they’ll worry about whether you’ve been neglecting repairs around the rest of the house. An unkempt garden also suggests that the house is going to be a lot of work and they’ll need to spend hours every week keeping on top of the garden. That’s an easy way to put buyers off and lose out on offers. You don’t need to do anything drastic but it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve mowed the lawn and used pressure cleaners to spruce up the patio or decking. It doesn’t take much time but trimming back the bushes and planting a few nice flowers gives a much better first impression and alleviates any fears that they might have about the house needing a lot of work.

Clean The Outside Of The House

After they’ve seen the garden, the next thing that the buyer will look at is the front of the house. You would have spent ages cleaning the inside of the house (or hired cleaning service to do it for you for you!) before showing people around but you probably haven’t thought about the front of the house. Dirty windows and paint on the exterior of the house can easily make it look old and a bit run down. Even if it doesn’t actually need repainting, they’ll think that it does if it’s filthy and people don’t like to take on a house that needs a lot of work. After they’ve seen the front of the house, any impression that they get inside the house will still be influenced by their thoughts on the outside. If the paintwork is in particularly bad shape and cleaning it won’t do the job, you might have to give it another coat. It’s a cheap repair to make but it’ll make it far easier to sell the house.


Another thing that people always overlook is the house number. Not having one on the front of the house makes the place harder to find and buyers might worry that it’ll cause them problems when they move in. It’s a tiny detail but it can make a difference so it’s worth buying a new number.

Clear Out Clutter

When you’re showing people around the house it’s good to keep some of the furniture in there so they can get an idea of what the place will look like when they’ve moved in, but it’s important that you strike a good balance. You also want them to be able to picture their own furniture setup so you don’t want to fill the house with loads of stuff. If the place is filled with all of your personal clutter, it’s difficult for a buyer to imagine it with all of their own stuff in there. Getting them to picture themselves living in your house is the best way to convince them to make an offer so try not to make it too specific to you.


When you’re clearing out the clutter from your house, remember to think about the stuff that you definitely want to keep because if a buyer sees it, it might cause some problems. If you’re showing people around and there are pieces of furniture that they fall in love with, it might end up being a deal breaker when it comes to making the sale. If you then tell them that they can’t have it, they might decide they want to back out.

Tidy Storage

Another big thing that people look for when they’re viewing a house is storage space. If there isn’t enough, that’s a big turn off for buyers. Even if there is a good amount of storage space in the house, it might not look like it if you don’t put things away tidily. If drawers and cupboards are overflowing it gives the impression that you’ve got a lack of storage space and you’re struggling to fit everything in. Putting everything away properly also makes the house a lot tidier which is a bonus.


Rearrange Furniture

Obviously, making the rooms in the house look as big as possible is a simple way to get people interested so you should think about your furniture arrangements. The furniture arrangement that you’ve got at the minute might be the most convenient but it’s not necessarily making the best use of space. Move things around a little so you open up as much floor space as possible. You can also make the rooms look bigger by letting in a good amount of light and using a couple of well placed mirrors.

Stay Away From Bright Colors

You’re going to want to make an impression with the decorating so the house feels unique but if you take it too far, you can put people off. While you might love the bright red walls in your bedroom, not everybody will. The prospect of having to repaint rooms that they absolutely hate will really put people off. It’s a good idea to try to go for something a little different to make the house stand out but, for the most part, it’s best to stick with neutral colors that aren’t too offensive to the eye.

Utility Bills

The price of the utility bills in the house is another big concern for buyers. Even if the house is reasonably priced, people won’t want to buy it if they’re going to be paying high utility bills every month. They’ll want to know roughly how much you’re spending each month on utilities so it’s a good idea to show them a recent bill. In the months before you start showing the house, replace all of your bulbs with energy savers and make an effort to reduce your energy usage overall. That way, you can show them a recent bill that was incredibly cheap which will encourage them to make an offer.

Speak To Neighbors

When you move into a new house it’s always a bit of a gamble because you don’t know who your neighbors are going to be. Buyers will often try to see if they can catch a glimpse of the neighbors and gauge whether they’ll be the kind of people they want to live next to. If the neighbors can be heard through the walls playing music or banging around the house while you’re showing people around, they aren’t likely to make an offer for fear of moving in next door to a very noisy household. It’s probably best to politely ask your neighbors if they can keep the noise down for half an hour or so while you’ve got people there. If you’ve got any ongoing feuds with any of your neighbors, it’s also a good idea to try to smooth things over before you start showing the house. You don’t know what problems they might cause you if the attitude is sour between you.


Selling your house is going to be a long process but you can make it so much quicker if you remember to sort out all of the small details that will impact their decision to make an offer. You might not even notice all of these things but buyers will pick up on them and they could mean the difference between making a sale or not.

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