DIY Bath Salt Recipe with Essential Oils

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Sore feet.  Achy legs.  Stressed back.  Tired arms.  Headaches.  These are just some of the common ailments that face Moms.  We give and give and give until there just isn’t anything left within us – and then we give some more.  Every once in a while, we need to take some time to rejuvenate ourselves.  We have to press pause on the duties that pull us in a million different directions, and just relax.  What better way to do that then to take a a bath!


As a child, I remember bath’s fixing most everything.  If I had the sniffles, then I was told to take a hot bath and let the steam work it’s magic.  The growing pains in my legs were calmed by the same remedy.  In fact, a nice bath was the answer to many of my body’s problems.  That doesn’t change with time, even if we forgot it.


Soaking in a bath still provides many benefits for a mom’s body.  It allows you time to relax and de-stress while smoothing the skin with the minerals and detoxing your body through the epson salts.  It easing pain, headaches, soreness while promoting healing in cuts and sores.  It’s a little getaway, with a very little price tag!


Bath salts can be purchased just about anywhere at a price tag that is smaller than a family’s dinner out to eat.  Amazon has a nice three pack of different scents that you can purchase for under $12. (Greenbrier Body Relaxing Bath Salts Scented Spa, Rose Lavender Vanilla Mineral Set, 17.6 oz.)  Although, my favorite bath salts of all time, is a simple, home-made version!


Make Your Own Bath Salt


It really couldn’t be any simpler to make your own bath salts.  Collect your ingredients, mix them up and then use them!  I use a handful with each bath.  I simply dump it directly into the running water of the tub when it begins to fill up.


The essential oils are optional – although I highly recommend them.  I recommend using doterra, but any brand would work if you have another you prefer. Find a smell that you love, one that relaxes you and clears your mind – or use these combinations below.


  • 10 drops eucalyptus + 10 drops peppermint = clear sinuses
  • 10 drops lavender + 10 drops cedar wood = relaxation
  • 10 drops lavender + 10 drops camomile = good nights sleep
  • 10 drops frankincense + 5 drops lavender + 5 drops bergamot = anxiety relief
  • 10 drops frankincense + 10 rose = stress relief
  • 8 drops lavender + 5 drops peppermint + 5 drops citrus + 2 drops clove = sore muscles relief
  • 12 drops peppermint + 8 drops eucalyptus = headache relief
  • 7 drop lemon + 7 drops eucalyptus + 3 drops pine + 3 drops tea tree = immune boosting


Take a moment this evening to treat yourself.  Make up some bath salts and go relax before you turn in for the night.  You deserve it!


Please, let me know if you have your own personal favorite blend of essential oils.

Share your mixes below!

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