When Dogs Are Not Your Best Friends

Dog lovers would tell you that their pet is their best friend, it’s the only living creature that truly understands and appreciates them. And that goes without mentioning how cute and fun dogs can be. Except that it’s not always the case. Sometimes, your dog, or someone else’s dog, can become a proper nightmare and make everything worse for you. Whether it’s scared or it lacks training, there is no denying that there is always a very good reason behind each dog’s behavior. But right now, we are not interested in the logical explanation, but in helping you to find the best possible solution to deal with dog-related issues.



When the neighbor’s dog bites

Picture the scene. You’re in the garden, cleaning up the dead leaves and putting up your outdoor Christmas decorations when suddenly the neighbor’s dog runs into your garden. It didn’t expect you to be there, gets scared and bites your arm. It’s a nasty scene, and it sure hurts a lot. Do you know what else it is? It’s a case for a personal injury lawyer as a dog’s bite counts as such. In most cases, you can get reassurance from the dog owner that the dog will receive proper treatment and if it’s a one-off accident, it might be an appointment at the local dog trainer. But your medical expenses and other damages should be covered!


When your puppy has an accident

Puppies are cute, and it’s no wonder that most families are looking to adopt around the Christmas season. What better way to celebrate than with a young and energetic puppy? However, young dogs need to learn to be clean, and it can take several attempts for them to ask to go outside when they need it. Consequently, you can expect a lot of stains on the carpet! For urine, for instance, use paper towels to absorb the liquid and spray a mixture of vinegar, water and baking soda on the spot. For vomit, after removing it, apply a solution of water, salt, liquid dish soap and vinegar.


When you discover yourself an allergy

For people with asthma, living with pets can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you want to keep your dog, you will need to improve your asthma precautions by vacuuming regularly and brushing your dog to remove hair and dust. Additionally, you can use shampoo to reduce dander. And finally, not letting your dog in the bedroom should help to keep some areas clean and risk-free.



When your dog costs you an arm in damages

According to a survey, pets are causing over £4 billion worth damage to British homes. That’s the equivalent of $5.35 billion. How do they leave such a path of destruction behind them? Chewing up furniture, items and shoes – if you’ve got a young dog, you’d better hide all the shoes –, accidentally pushing electronic and breakable objects over with their wagging tails or by jumping against it, and that goes without mentioning the case of dogs who eat their way through wooden doors and carpets. Only firm training and a lot of planned activities can help! 

Love them, pet them, but remember: An untrained dog can cost you a lot of money and pain!

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