How to Rock Being a Domestic Goddess

I’m so excited for today’s post!  This is the second installment of our Summer Guest Blogging Series!  With us today we have Chelsea Dugger from Housewife00 bringing us some amazing advice on how to be a domestic goddess. Being a stay at home mother myself, I absolutely love this title and have adapted and embraced it thanks to Chelsea’s wonderful article!  So, without further ado – let’s turn the floor over and give a warm welcome to Chelsea!


How to Rock being a Domestic Goddess


Being a domestic goddess is a calling. But what is it?

A domestic goddess is someone who flourishes with the housewife title. Someone who keeps their house tidy and loves to cook meals for their family. This is all by choice, someone who’s dream is to be a homemaker. Yes, there are still people out there that have this goal. There are even men that have this goal, but for now, we are only talking about the women.

Not everyone is cut out for this role. But if you think you have what it takes, here are some ways to help channel your inner domestic goddess.

Some women love to be the stereotypical housewife, and there is nothing wrong with that. I personally, am slowly finding my appreciation of being a housewife. I mean, it’s a lot of work. Way more than I ever imagined.



Oh, the dreaded cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be dreaded. Don’t clean because you think you must, change your mindset and clean because you want to. I don’t know how many times people would call us and say “hey, I’m on my way over” out of the blue. Then we would have to rush around and tidy up so we would feel comfortable having people over.

That got old fast

So now I try to clean at least one room a day pretty good, and then do a quick pick up in all the other rooms. This way each room is getting a good clean, but I’m not spending all my time cleaning like Cinderella.

But hey, some of us LOVE to clean so maybe you want to mop the floors every day. DO IT! It’s just one step closer to becoming a domestic goddess.



This is something that takes practice if you weren’t blessed with the talent. Luckily for me, I think I was blessed, however my fiancé would beg to differ sometimes.

However, cooking needs to become second nature. Most of us cannot afford to eat out for every meal like we really want to. So, cooking should become a top priority. Now you don’t have to be Betty Crocker cooking 3 course meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You just got to out a meal on the table 3 times a day.


No. You must prep, you must actually cook the food, and then you have to eat the food. But wait, there’s more! You then must clean up everything you dirtied making dinner, and then you have to put the left overs away.

I’ve created my own recipe for healthy energy balls, creating your own recipes is a big plus in the housewife book.

Cooking is going to be a very big deal, but if this is still something you think you want to tackle, then trust me it’s attainable.


This is the hardest one for myself personally. I do not enjoy going out of the house to do things by myself. I would much rather my fiancé tag along with me for company.

In order to be classified as a domestic goddess you have to be willing to go do these things while your significant other is working

  • Pay the bills
  • Grocery Shop
  • Pick up random things that you need

Being a domestic goddess is your choice. This post is meant to be light hearted and fun.

Do you choose to unleash your inner domestic goddess?


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