Don’t Leave These Household Jobs Until Next Summer

Winter could be the perfect time to carry out many of the jobs you usually leave to the beginning of summer. By doing them now, you won’t just have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, you could also save costs. Here are just a few examples of these tasks.



Make garden improvements

Been thinking of getting a patio laid or building a pond? Winter could be the perfect time to make these renovations to your garden. Don’t fancy working out in the cold weather? You could simply hire professionals to do these garden improvements. Landscaping companies have to compete harder to find jobs in the winter and so often charge less for their services. You’ll find lots of sites such as advertising deals online. Buy getting a patio or a pond built now, it will also give you time to fully enjoy it when summer comes along.


Clean your barbecue

Your barbecue is likely to be out of action in the winter. This could be the perfect time to give it a deep clean. Companies as found at can clean your barbecue for you for a small price. When summer comes back around, you then won’t have the arduous job of scrubbing away at your barbecue.


Clean out your air conditioning unit

If you’ve got air con, you’re also unlikely to use this in the winter. Air conditioning units ideally should be cleaned out every year to stop dust and bacteria building up in them. If they’re not cleaned, you could risk pumping out all this dust and bacteria into the air the first time you turn on the air con next summer (this has been linked to diseases such as Legionnaire’s). Hire a professional company to clean out your air conditioning unit now and then when the heat does arrive, you’ll be able to make use of your air con straight away.



Stock up on summer items

Many summer wares can be much cheaper to buy in winter as there’s no demand for them. Stocking up in winter can save you a lot of money. Gardening gadgets such as lawnmowers and trimmers are cheap in winter and can be worth investing in. Similarly, you can find discounts on a lot of summer clothing (it could be a way of treating yourself to some designer clothing – you can also save money by buying winter clothing in summer). Kids garden toys may also be cheaper such as water guns and trampolines. There are even items that aren’t immediately obvious such as cameras (less people are out taking snaps), motorcycles (less people are riding them) and jewellery such as rings (there are fewer engagements and weddings) that are dramatically cheaper in January and February. Whilst you may not get good use out of some of these items for a few months, buying now and being patient could be worth the amount you save in costs.


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