3 Meaningful Ways to Use Your Early Morning Hours

So you’ve been reading about ways to get the most out of your time, to make your days more meaningful, and to achieve more in life in general. Maybe you got the idea by reading books about the habits of the rich and famous, or maybe you picked up the idea from a mindfulness blog.


In any case, you’re now interested about waking up extra early in the mornings, and having the day open up before you in a long stretch of free time that you can do whatever you want with.


But wouldn’t it be a bit pointless to change your sleep cycle around and wake up early every day just to watch reality TV for a few hours before work?


If you’re going to get all that extra time first thing in the morning, you may as well do something more meaningful with it, right?


Here are some meaningful ways you can use your newfound time when you start waking up early.


Kickstart the day with a workout

Whether your workout of choice is getting your running shoes ready, complete with some comfy Biopods, and jogging around the block, or whether you’d prefer to do a bodyweight strength routine in your living room — exercising in the morning before beginning the day can be an amazingly positive experience.


To start with, you begin the day knowing that you’ve achieved a major goal already, and this creates confidence. Secondly, you wake yourself up, get your blood pumping, and introduce some feel-good endorphins to your system,  meaning you begin your day on a high.


Finally, you get your workout done at a point of the day when you have plenty of energy, rather than having to force yourself through a workout after a full day in the office.


Just be sure to have a good breakfast before hitting the gym. Fasted training causes mood and energy crashes for some people.


Do some quiet reading

Instead of watching TV, why not do some quiet reading first thing in the morning?


You’ll still be entertaining yourself, and you can visit worlds just as interesting and dramatic as those in your favourite TV series, but you’ll be enjoying a bit of peace and quiet and exercising your imagination at the same time.


Surprisingly few people read books regularly, but that’s a great shame. A good novel can transport you to worlds that even the highest-budget TV or film productions can’t properly replicate.


Get a jump on your day’s work

One thing you could do with your newfound time upon waking up, is to get a jump on the day’s work. By starting your work hours before everyone else does, you ensure that your day is going to turn out far more productively than it otherwise would have.


If you work remotely, or have a relaxed office environment, this also means you get to clock off much earlier and enjoy some solid downtime where, before, you might have been grinding into the night.