5 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your New Year

As Christmas approaches, for many of us, thoughts turn to the new year. We think about goals we can set, resolutions we can make and areas of our life we’d like to change. This is great; a new year is a perfect time to make some changes and improvements. But, one mistake people make is getting a slow start. We wallow in a post-Christmas funk and waste half of January pigging out on leftover treats, complaining about a lack of funds and hiding from the bitter weather.


If you want to make sure you hit all of your goals in 2018 and have a truly productive year, you need to kickstart it!



Have a Cutoff

Many of overindulge over Christmas, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. But, we also often buy far too much and end up snacking on unhealthy goodies throughout January. If you want to start your year right, you need a cutoff. So, on the 2nd January, draw a line under the festive period, get rid of all of your leftover treats and start taking care of yourself.


Save Some Money

Some of the changes you hope to make may require some extra funds. So, instead of hiding in Christmas debt, understand it and do something about it. Set up a standing order to save as much as you can each week. Whether you use this to pay off debt or build a rainy-day fund is dependent on your situation, but either way, having some extra cash gives you a great boost.



Assess Your Life

The start of a year is a great time to take stock of your life. Is there anything you are particularly unhappy about? If so, make a plan to fix it. This could be anything from attending Recovery in Motion rehab to looking for a new job or losing some weight. If you are unhappy with something in your life, change it, don’t live with it.



Starting an exercise plan can change your life. Getting some regular exercise can help you to lose weight, boost your fitness and stamina, and reduce your risk of developing countless health conditions.


But, it’s more than that. It’ll also help you to sleep, make you feel alert and bright. Boost your confidence. Make you happy and even help with mental health issues. If you are new to exercise, or out of shape, give the couch to 5k program a go to help you get started.



Look After Your Relationships

Relationships need nurturing and looking after, or they fade. You don’t need hundreds of friends, that you speak to every day. But you do need a few close friends, that will always be there for you no matter what. Make time for these people as often as you can.


The same goes for romantic relationships. Sometimes, you need to put these people first. Put your phone down, turn your computer off and avoid work. Give the people you love your undivided attention.


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