Easy Ways To Add Your Storage To Your Home

If you need more storage space at home, it can be difficult to find the space. If you’ve not got enough room for everything your family needs, your home can soon start to feel cluttered and chaotic. Whether it’s children’s toys, clothes, or books that are taking over the house, you need more space and storage, without having to start stashing things in the garage

  1. Store your sheets inside one of the matching pillowcases. Fold the sheet, other pillowcases, and the duvet cover and store them inside the other pillowcase. This will make it easier to keep the set together and to move them around. No more searching for that missing pillowcase! Stored like this, the bedding will take up less room in the cupboard. 
  2. Get sliding racks for your cabinets. You can use this to store pans and other items. This saves you from scrabbling in the back of the cupboard or having to empty everything out to get at something at the back. Instead, just slide the rack out, and reach whatever you need. 
  3. Get an ottoman. Living room storage is often at a premium, but an ottoman is a sneaky way to add hidden storage. Stash toys, spare blankets, board games, DVDs, or whatever else needs hiding away inside the ottoman. With the lid on, the ottoman acts a footrest, table, or extra seat in the living room, while helping you keep things more tidy. 
  4. Add a bench with open storage in the hallway. Instead of a hall table, add a low bench with low storage underneath. You can use the storage for shoes, bags, and other items, or add storage baskets for small things like umbrellas, hats, and gloves. The bench can be used to sit on while you put your shoes on. You can also add hooks over the bench for coats and jackets. 
  5. Add a hanging holder to the inside of cupboard doors for hair supplies. You can do this in your bathroom cabinet to store things like hairdryers, straighteners, or other styling tools. This keeps cables out of the way and makes things easy to find. 
  6. Take cabinets to the ceiling. If there’s a gap between cabinets and the ceiling, build in another row of cabinets. Many people store things on top of cabinets, but things get dusty up here and it looks untidy. With more cabinets, you can store things safely and tidily. Use it for things you don’t need access to very often, so you’re not climbing up and down all the time. 
  7. Use shoe organizers. These organizers hang over the door and can be used for all kinds of things as well as shoes. Use them for cleaning supplies, pantry items, small toys, and anything else that will fit into the pouches. 
  8. Make use of under bed storage. Boxes on wheels can be used to stash out-of-season clothes, spare bedding or anything else. Buy boxes on wheels so they’re easy to slide in and out when you need access.