Eat Your Way Back To Health

The New Year has passed, and the resolutions are in full swing. If your resolution has been to eat better, give up drinking and start losing weight for the summer ahead, I bet you’ll be wondering how else your new eating habits are affecting your body. The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ has never been truer than when you are trying to get your body in top shape. The thing is, it’s not just a weight loss thing.



Eating better doesn’t just help you to lose pounds, it helps you to heal your body. Brittle and dehydrated hair finds a new lease of life when you start to drink water properly and eat vitamin rich foods. Wild-caught fish and food packed with essential fatty acids are great for easing the symptoms of different types of eczema. Our bodies respond well to the right food and the respond poorly to the wrong ones. You may think that eating healthily will only get that muffin top smoothed down. Eating healthily will also slow down the aging process, reverse the process of heart disease and lower your blood pressure. If eating less is cited as a way to get healthier, then you know it’s time to ignore that advice and instead eat more. Eating more of the right food and less of the junk food is how you can eat your way to healthy again.


Diet has a tremendous effect on our health both in the short-term and the long-term. If there was a single food out there that could make us instantly the weight that we want to be, with the health that we wanted to have, we would all be eating it. We’d be bored senseless, but we’d be eating it. Fortunately, it takes a large variety of food to make our bodies respond in a healthy way. It’s because of this that you need to put starvation and restriction out of your mind. Eating less doesn’t mean you will be healthy, it just means you will be hungry. Shopping wisely is the way you can ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet, and here are some of the things that you need to eat to encourage your body to respond positively.


Legumes: Peas and beans are an amazing source of magnesium, and we need magnesium to be able to produce energy. A magnesium deficiency is characterized by a lack of energy and an early burn out, so if you are hitting the gym you need to pay particular attention to how much magnesium you are eating.


Spinach: An immense source of iron, spinach delivers oxygen to your cells in your body. Oxygen makes your skin glow, your hair strong and your energy levels sky-rocket.


Berries: Superfood of the summer, berries help to stave off an aging brain. Anthocyanins in berries work to block the enzymes that short-circuit the communication between the brain cells. They also taste amazing!


Eating well doesn’t just shave the pounds; it could change your entire body and improve your energy. Go for colour and balance and you can see the results quickly.


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