What An Eco Home Truly Looks Like

Being environmentally friendly is something which most people are keen on these days – and yet it can be so hard to actually do the right thing to make that happen. There are many areas of our life in which it pays to be ecological, but one of the most vital is the home. As long as your home is perfectly eco-friendly, you will find that your life is on the whole much more enlightened in its approach to helping to save the planet. However, it is easy to get confused about what an eco home should and shouldn’t be, or what it might or might not include. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the factors of a truly eco home, so that you can be sure you are doing everything necessary to be as ecological in your own home as possible.




When you are aiming to make your home more eco-friendly, it is likely that you don’t first think of the walls as being an important part of this process. But if you start to look into it, you will discover that in fact the walls can make a huge difference to how ecological or not the home is, and updating the way you approach this part of the house can really help in a big way. One of the major concerns here is paint – you want to make sure that any paint you use is genuinely eco-friendly, so that you know you are doing everything necessary to keep your footprint down. But what does this really mean?


For a start, try to use paint which is free of volatile organic compounds. These are compounds which can be harmful to the air and the world environment in general, and they can even give you regular headaches too – a sure sign that they should not be trusted all that much. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find ecological alternatives to these. Go for non VOC paints as far as you can, and you will find that it makes living in the home better for the body – and for the whole world, too.


This is not to even mention the fact that the act of painting a room can bring about with it plenty of disposable goods, all of which end up on landfill and help to make the world more polluted. The paint brushes, rollers and palettes – not to mention the plastic containers paint often comes in – are to be avoided whenever possible. For most of these, you can easily get hold of biodegradable alternatives, and that is definitely worth doing if you want to try and reduce your ecological impact as much as possible. As you can see, what’s on your walls really does make an enormous difference to the whole world.




In a sense, your windows are a more obvious place to look if you are hoping to turn your home into the dream eco home. After all, it is clear that a single paned window is going to let out a lot of heat, and that in turn will mean that your home is going to take more energy to heat, and will therefore increase your carbon footprint, among other vital concerns. It is therefore beneficial to try and go for double-glazed windows wherever possible – and if you really want to make a huge difference, you can even find some eco-friendly windows specifically made to that purpose. This alone will help to keep your home more ecological, and all without you having to really do anything too taxing by yourself.


But it’s not just the windows themselves which you need to focus on. You will also find that it helps if you pay attention to the whole window area – including the curtains and blinds. These are particularly important, as curtains and blinds can really help to keep heat in too – and even more so if you manage to find some specifically eco-friendly ones. Even with normal blinds and curtains, however, it is going to have some kind of an affect, so it is still worth considering. As long as you have put some thought into the window areas of your home, you are doing much more to keep your home ecological.




As some of the biggest openings in the home, it is clear that the doors are going to be important in the goal to make your home more eco-friendly. The same problem arises here as it does with the windows – that you need to find a way to ensure that the heat stays in as much as possible, so that you can keep your energy consumption down as much as you can. One of the simplest, most effective ways to do this is to simply not open the door unless it is actually necessary. This alone will make a huge difference, and in many homes it is this which will make the biggest difference. However, it is also worth considering looking at the kind of door you have, and whether you can change it for a door which is more ecologically sound. Some doors are better than others, and looking into this will make a big difference to how eco-friendly your home is.




One of the biggest parts of the home to lose heat is the roof, so if you are looking at this you will make a big difference to your ecological impact. The roof is also one of the hardest to change, as most homeowners will not just have the ability to completely replace it. However, often it is true that the real solution is something much simpler than that. It is much more important to simply ensure that you are paying attention to any repairs which need doing, for instance, or that you are attending to any obvious problems as soon as possible. You can’t always know these problems until it is too late, which is why it might be a good idea to get out a professional to check it every now and then too.


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